Thursday, January 18, 2007

The boy can dunk!

11707_024 Its a glorious day in Ryan's eyes. He was giving P a bath tonight, and Porter was playing with his Bathketball (ok Heather I know you're chuckling) and he DUNKED IT, over and over and over. YAY Porter!!

I took the opportunity to take more pictures of crazy man in the bathtub. (I'll warn you... they are kinda crappy quality... but my ISO was stinkin high b/c we have really yucky lighting in our bathroom)

11707_010_1 11707_013

These pictures.. HAHAHA.... Ryan had just told him to sit down (which he does listen to very well, and knows what it means) but he was TICKED about having to do it. The second picture, you can't see it... but Ry is squirting him with a squirt toy (he did laugh for a minute, but then went back to being ticked).

11707_008 11707_018

Off this topic... my eye has been twitching all darn day. My eyelashes. On my left eye. So annoying.

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