Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Gaining Courage

Porter has started walking... not really long distances, but he's walking about a 4 ft distance between the chair and me. BRAVO! Earlier today I noticed he was getting a little braver when walking between furniture... trying to take a few steps on his own. So, tonight I put him by the chair, his back leaning on it, and I scooted back. He walked to me! He was sooo proud of himself. I didn't have the digital camera, but I did get it on film. He walked to me about 10 times and then I got out the video camera and he walked another 4. The last time, before he quit, he bypassed me to get to the coffee table! I think we'll have a walker on our hands pretty soon!

Oh, an update on Reyna

She is not on her way. Leslie was sent home from the hospital. They didn't think she had lost that much amniotic fluid. ??? So, as of now, she's back at home,, waiting waiting waiting. Send some labor vibes her way...

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