Friday, January 5, 2007

Porter decided to be a bit of a daredevil today. And he has the battlescars to prove it.

I was getting my CF card loaded onto the computer so I could go upstairs and put P to bed. He crawled out of the office and over by the stairs, which he normally isn't allowed to do, as the office is the only room in the basement that is carpeted, and the dogs get the stairs and the rest of the basement a bit dirty. Anyway, he was playing with Sam (the dog) and I glanced over and he started to crawl up the first stair. I didn't think he even knew how to climb stairs. He got up to the second stair, and I said "Porter, you're going to fall." as I started walking the few yards over to the stairs... just as I got near, he turned around, lost his balance and fell from the second stair onto the concrete floor. OUCH! He only cried for a minute... he's quiet a tough little guy. He got a mondo goose egg, though!

I had my first newborn session of the year today. Made me miss the teeny tiny baby days... awww. I posted a few of her pictures on the photo {blog} if you're interested.

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