Wednesday, January 3, 2007

so far, so good

I took some misc. pictures today... trying to capture those moments that define Porter...

his own unique way of holding his babas... (I don't think he has ever held it like other babies hold bottles... on the sides with both hands... always always at the end..)
1307_059 1307_056


No, Porter... MAA MAAA

Porter, Ma MAAA! (said in an over enthusiastic tone)
(hheee heeee) DAH! DAA DAAA!

1307_043 1307_042

The UGLY Scream.

(this is his "I'm being a brat" scream... drives me nuts. Its high pitched and totally fake. Usually surrounded by a few whines and whimpers. Punk)

My mom watched P today for a bit while I went into work to help Mo take down the Christmas decorations. I got home, and they were sitting on the floor, with two cow books and his Melissa and Doug farm sounds blocks. Porter hits the puzzle, making the cow moo... and he says "Bbbbbbb" (but kind of a buzzing noise). My mom laughs, and says "He's saying MOOO". So she shows him the book, says "cow says MOOOO" and he goes "Bbbbbbb". So cute. We showed daddy when he got home- he was pretty impressed. (I think he has issues with the "m" sound... no MAMA... and MOO is BBBB???)

He also attempted to say Please and Thank You today. Ok... he totally just made the inital sounds "P" and "T-T"... My mom was teasing him with a toy, he was getting royally ticked, and doing the Ugly Scream at her. She said "Say PLEASE" and repeated it a few times. He says "Pppp"! He did it about 3 different times. Then I gave him his toy back, and I said "Say Thank You!" He says "Ttt-Tttt". We're going to have to work on those.


I almost forgot! Ry took P to the doctor this afternoon. His breathing was sounding kind of raspy, so he made an appointment (which was right in the middle of his naptime... so he was not so fun at the doctors, I heard). Anyway, I thought they'd for sure say it was nothing more than a cold. Nope. Turns out he has an ear infection in both ears and his throat is red and sore. Wow. We're good parents, aren't we? So, he's on ammox. and hopefully will be feeling better soon. He is now, at 10months, weighing 20lbs exactly.

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