Monday, January 1, 2007

we have cool friends

who throw awesome dinner parties.

The Morrisons had an awesome "friends" dinner party today to celebrate 2007. Heather should be a party planner. Dinner was awesome, the table was decorated so nice, and there was so much thought put into the menu (everything had a meaning...)
Here's the sample menu (from her blog)

  • Shrimp Martinis seafood stands for good luck and shrimp specifically signify a year filled with laughter
  • Vegetables with Arugula Broth green foods like arugula and spinach mark growth and wealth
  • Grilled Pork Chops with Garlic Mashed Potatoes pork is considered good luck and symbolizes "moving forward" since pigs root and push forward. Also, traditionally, a family that owned a pig would be eating "high on the hog" for the whole year. Interesting note- they say main courses to avoid for a symbolic New Year menu are chicken because then you would be scratching around all year like a chicken scratches around for food, and fish because your money might swim away like a fish, and especially lobster because they move backwards.
  • Cornbread I think the saying in the south goes "peas for pennies, greens for dollars, cornbread for gold"

and for dessert

  • Champaigne Shooters champaigne (or in our case non-alcoholic sparkling juice) just to celebrate mixed with sorbet
  • Gingersnaps ginger represents a sharp mind and intelligence and cookies mean sweetness of nature and a good disposition

I'll post some pictures later... we didn't take all that many... (resolution for the new year... take more pictures of everyday things..)

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