Monday, January 22, 2007

We're in business!

Well, legitimately now, that is. Nicole Barczak Photography is now a registered operating business. Here's to hoping it grows leaps and bounds in the next few years.

I took Porter to the doctor today, and his temp had dropped to 100.8 (after some Motrin). His ears were fine, no ear infection. No strep throat either. Dr. Morrow was kind of stumped, said she's assuming it is something viral and if he's still throwing a fever on Weds to bring him back in. He was a little better this afternoon... still kind of cranky and super snuggly... all he wanted to do was cuddle and read books all afternoon.

12207_007 12207_00612207_004 12207_008_1

He's become such a book lover in the last month or so. He has books in 4 different spots.... a basket of board books in his toy room, a big basket and a small basket of board books in the living room (we put about 10 in the small basket and rotate from the big basket every week) and an entire bookshelf in his bedroom of paperback books. I have a book buying problem, but it looks like its paying off. He will go pull out his books, sit down and TURN THEM RIGHT SIDE UP and flip the pages one by one. He seems to have a lot of books with cows in them, because he always seems to find the cows... and he'll say "Bbbboooooo" when he gets to those pages. I hope he loves to read when he's bigger.

I've been working on a slideshow of Porter's first year. I got the idea from Heather, she makes slideshows of her kids (I think... isn't that what you said?? I haven't seen one, anyway, but I am pretty sure you told me that). Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to have a slideshow running at his b-day party, kind of something else for people to see/do.

OH! We took down our tree tonight! Our living room looks SO much bigger now. WHEW.

My show is on again... Real Housewives of Orange County. Its on Bravo channel. I watched it last season, when it was new, and they are back on for a second season. Man, I love that show... even though it makes you feel like a fat, poor chica. Its just interesting to see these other lifestyles that I know I'll never have the opportunity to experience.

I almost forgot! I took some pictures of P and I today. I'm pretty proud of myself... these babies are actually focused pretty darn sharp at 100%. Seriously. I won't even go into detail about my crazy contraption to set my focus. Its too hilarious and.... ehhh... crazy. Anyway, they're a little bright... I was a little off on my metering, but hey, for pictures using a timer... being the photographer AND the subject... I think they're pretty darn good.

12207_035 12207_036
(P.S. There's one more on my Project 365 site.. one where my fat double chin is showing HAHA!)

Ok, well I'm outta here... lots to do. Sorry the post is so completely random.

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