Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 1 in Big Boy Bed

Porter's room is done (well, if you consider being painted and a mattress thrown in there... its done for now). I still need to buy the bunks I want (we're waiting to see how much we pay/get back in taxes and will buy the pricey ones I *want* after that), and I still need to arrange the room in a way that I feel looks comfortable as well as put up things on the wall.

We've been hyping Porter up about how he has a new room, and its his big boy room and the baby was going to have is "baby" room. Today at nap time he begged to go to sleep in the big boy bed. So, we figured what the hell... let's try it.

We put him to bed at 1pm. Gave him a little talk about how this bed is for big boys and that big boys stay in their beds at naptime and bedtime and don't play with their toys. He halfway acted amused in our serious little talk.

He did pretty well staying in his bed. He did get out about 3 times, all three I heard him dinking with toys so I became the booming voice from behind the door and it freaked him out and he flew back into bed (I had the door open like 1/4" crack so I could JUST make out where he was).

The results: 2.5 hours of Porter dinking around in bed, a few spells of crying because he got in trouble, a couple times of us going in and covering him back up, one time of me attempting to lay in bed with him and rub his back/hair (like the good-ol daycare days where we sat with the kids on mats... GAH! What issues those parents must have had at home getting their kids to bed!) and he finally crashed at 3:30.

So... we'll see how bedtime goes tonight. Luckily he seemed to "respect" that he had to stay in bed... at least until the toy temptation kicked in a few times. We'll see how long this works... I have a feeling he'll get a little goofy soon enough and start playing Let's-See-How-Many-Times-Mommy-Can-Put-Me-Back- In-Bed-Before-Beating-Me games.


  1. way to go p-man!!! Not bad for the first night! Wishing you luck again tonight!!


  2. Aww.. I was hoping for pics of P's room too! I'm anxious to see that paint job and all of what you have in store for that room!

  3. way to go porter! i'm sure he's going to love his new room!