Friday, January 18, 2008

Funny little guy

Some funny things P has said lately that just sound so funny coming from such a little guy:
  • We've been without Rocky for nearly a week. Porter has been missing him SO badly. (he left him at my mom's last weekend). My mom stopped by today and brought the beloved Rocky. Porter grabbed him, hugged him big under his chin and said "I love it dat Rah-ey!" (aka... I love it, that Rocky)
  • Last night we were driving into town and P had this squishy ball that has all those tentacles. Its some kind of lion or dog or something. He was holding him and says "I love it. My favit ball." (My favorite ball)

  • His newest thing is saying "I broked it". He also has this obsession with biting the tires off his toy trucks/tractors (you know, the ones that have the little rubber tire rims that just peel off?). He told my mom today "I broked that tire offa Hummer twuck."

  • He calls little old ladies at the store "Man". The last three times we've had a little old lady help us at a store he has said to them "Hi man." And today we were at Target and we walked down an aisle past an old lady (I'm talking with short, curly gray hair) and he said something about "That man right there." Oh gosh.

  • He loves calling things "crazy". One night I burped in the car and said excuse me and he says "Mama craaaazy!" Yesterday I popped in a kid cd and the first song is "Boom Boom Ain't it Great to be Crazy?" and all of a sudden I heard him CRACKING up in the back seat. I adjusted the rearview mirror to see what he was doing and he was cheesing it up, kicking his feet and laughing. He kept laughing and saying "Be crazy! Be crazy! BOOM!" And then, of course, he requested the song again and again.
It just cracks me up some of the things he comes up with.


  1. Kids say the darndess things don't they : )
    hope your pregnancy is going well.

  2. Oh my word - the "man" comments are just too funny! LOL! :o)

  3. Love it! It's so great that you are keeping track of all the cute things he says :)

  4. Crack me up! "Be crazy" - too cute!!