Monday, January 7, 2008

No, Thanks


Lately Porter is really into saying "No, thanks"... which you'd think is great, right? It makes him sound like a little gentleman. Hmm..

Now, the above picture. I was attempting to take his picture by this cool blue wood wall (actually a river scene). Here's our little conversation:

me: Porter, come over here
porter: No, thanks
me: Oh! Porter look at this wall! Can you stand by it?
porter: No, thanks
me: Come put your back on the wall. Try it!
porter: No, thanks

Other examples:

me: Let's change your diaper (not really an option, dude)
porter: No, thanks

It just cracks me up how he says it so matter-of-fact like. It sounds so polite it almost makes it hard to go against his "No, thanks" wishes. Almost.

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