Sunday, January 20, 2008

Three Awesome Blogs

I have these lumped under "Parenting Blogs" in my Google Reader, but I guess I'd call them Parenting Tips and Tricks blogs. They post things such as:
  • Great online sales
  • New, hip baby/kids items
  • Parenting tips and tricks
  • Online Coupons and ways to save money on baby/kid items
Anyhow... check them out. I think they're subscription worthy.

Baby Cheapskate
Parent Hacks

I'm off to scrapbook for the day with some friends. Wish me some good scrapbooking mojo!!


  1. i love thingamababy! hope you had fun scraping!!!

  2. thanks nicole! those look great. I'm always thankful when people pass on read-worthy blogs.

  3. Hope you had fun scrapping!
    I will make sure to switch the link I have on my page for you from typepad to blogger!

  4. Thanks for the great sites. I will bookmark them!