Friday, February 29, 2008

1:30 can NOT come soon enough

I am SOOOO fed up with Porter and his non sleeping in schedule.

Every mother freaking morning this kid is in my room between 4:45am and 5:30am. And he's returned to bed. Only to come back every 10-15 minutes until 6:30 or 7am.

Which leaves him INCREDIBLY whiny all morning, and even after nap he's near unbearable. Last night he ASKED to go to bed at 6:30pm. I put him in bed at 7, and he was up this morning at 5am.

Today is our Friday together. I usually look forward to Fridays with him as I think of those as our day. Well, all he's done today is whine and be naughty and act like a brat and all I've done is yell and scream at him. I have ZERO patience with him lately with all his whining.

And then my lovely husband (Cass, I'm coming up with an abbreviation for my hubby like you FH... maybe SH... Sweet Husband... Snoring Husband... Silly Husband.... Slacker Husband... Shit-Head Husband... Hmm... somehow I know which ones he'll end up being most of the time) calls to ask how my day was going (Sweet Husband). Then he TELLS me (in a very demeaning tone, mind you) that I *NEED* to go to Secretary of State and get our vehicle tags after Porter's doctors apptointment. I said NO. He says (very slowly like I"m a hard of hearing 80 year old or maybe a 5 year old with low verbal comprehension) "You neeed to go to Secretaaarry of Staaate." (our tags on our vehicles expire on Sunday). So I blow up. "You have had ALL WEEK to go get those tags ON YOUR OWN BY YOUR SELF. I am NOT about to go stand in line this morning with a WHINY TWO YEAR OLD because YOU can't remember do run YOUR OWN ERRANDS! YOU can go after you get home from work and YOU can take Porter with YOU!"

What an SH.

So... 1:30 can't come soon enough. What is 1:30? I'm getting the hell out of dodge with 8 other girls and we're scrapbooking until midnight and I'm not going to think one thing of being gone for 10 hours. Because if I have to stay in this house with this whiny kid one minute past 1:30 I might just go insane.


  1. huh... gee those early morning times sound awfully familiar...

    Sorry I have to say it, but welcome to my world!
    With consistency on our end and just letting it work itself out on his end (eventually it will catch up with them) Sawyer's gone from 5 am every morning to now more reliably 6 or 6:30. And he only comes out once instead of the 10 times in a row.
    I'm still working toward 7 though!!

    Hopefully he'll get with the program before the baby comes. You'd better make sure SH has a heads up that he's going to be on call with one boy or the other if needed at that point!!

  2. Ok.. I'm SO with you right now. I'm a freaking spaz because my 2.5 YO won't sleep. She doesn't want to sleep in her own bed at night. Nap time, no prob. But we go through this crap every night.... and I'm so tired. I'm yelling at the kids all day and have NO patience. We're all crabby from this no-sleep business.
    And to think that I'm probably going to go through all the same crap with the next child... exhausts me already!
    Thanks for posting something I'm totalling relating to right now.

  3. oh yeah - i'm with all you girls on this one. tucker's sleep habits are to be desired that's for sure. he's getting better - but i know where you all are coming from!

    have a great time scrapping tonight! how fun!

  4. there's nothing worse than being sleep deprived... i feel your pain. i like your multi-function SH. i hope your day is smooth and 1:30's here in a flash.

  5. BarCatz - If you weren't prego and all, I would buy you a drank or 10 to help you through these troubling times.

  6. It sounds like we have the same kid and the same husband! lol Have fun scrapbooking tonight.

  7. I swear it is going around right now! Cooper is pushing every single button that I have, and then some. I hate feeling so irritated/frustrated/angry with him, but he is so NOT the 2.75-year-old I am used to. I hope it is just a phase and that they are all out of it soon!

    Have fun tonight!

  8. Have a GREAT time out of the house! You need it...just some time with the girls!! Have fun! I am coming next month!!! :) Im tellin' ya, I will be your nanny! hahah!

  9. girls don't mean to rub it in, but matt was like this until 4!!! i hope he is just an extreme case and that you will all sleep soundly very soon!!! until then....

  10. SH sounds like an appropriate alias.

    Hope you scrapbook until your heart's delight! Sounds like you need it!

  11. Oh, sorry you are having such a rough time. I'd be just as crabby! If I don't get to sleep at night, I sure become a big b-word! Hopefully things will get better before Hudson comes! Have fun tonight, I'm soooo jealous!

  12. Oh the hubby-like nicknames we could come up with :) Anyhow, another post perhaps??
    Hope the nights get better w/ Porter.
    Isaac doesn't want to go to sleep until veeery late & still gets up before the crack of dawn. Lastnight was 10:30 & he was up by 6:30 today, yikes! If I weren't an early riser, it would be painful.

  13. glad that you made it out!!!