Thursday, February 28, 2008


That Darn Car, that is.
I was on my way to take Porter to my mother in laws this morning and after I turned onto her road my car just died. It stopped running. The radio was working, but I had no power to the engine. UGH! Ryan left work and tried to jump it but the battery wouldn't charge. It cost $55 to tow it to our mechanics. Crossing my fingers that its nothing major.
Ryan is fed up with my car... I'm sure the first thing he said to his mom is "I HATE that car!" Which is what he says all the time about my car.
Maybe... after all these car issues of late... we might look into trading it in. IF I can find something at a decent price and get a decent trade in for it. I love the size of my car... its perfect for me and for our family, but the repairs are always so expensive! Brakes are close to $600 (if I need rotors) and other repairs always seem to be SO high.

However... I don't want a larger gas guzzling SUV. I'd like a cheaper priced car, but not sure about a car with 2 kids... I'm used to my trunk space. I don't want a van, so that's out of the question.
Do any of you have a 4 door car and 2 kids? How does that work out?


  1. We are going through the same thing - debating on what to do in regards to the vehicle thing. I have a 4 door Civic (we only have 1 car) and am thinking it's going to be mighty small with 2 kids!

    Friends of mine LOVE their Hyundi Santa Fe and I just read in Parents magazine that the Honda CRV is at the top of the list for family vehicles that aren't vans.

    I just cannot do a van. I might be able to do a SUV but definately NOT a van!

  2. I'd have an EXTREMELY hard time going back to a car after a midsize SUV. It's just so much easier to get kids in and out of carseats without having to bend down and into the car. And so much more room. When I nannied I had three kids (their two and my one) in my car and it sucked. Granted, that was three squished in the back, but it's still just as awkward to get them in and out whether I had two or three.
    When time finally runs out for our 4Runner (which will be a sad, sad day -- we love, love, love that vehicle!) we're looking at getting another one possibly with a third row option, or maybe a Honda Pilot. Lots of friends who love those. I think the CRV might be too small for us since we'll have more than two kids eventually, but I do know a couple people who have really liked their CRV. I really like the Chrysler Pacificas too... but I'm more trusting of a Toyota or Honda. I've witnessed too many bad experiences with Chryslers, Chevys and the like.
    BTW, your Durango is an especially guzzling gas guzzler... not all, especially newer, SUV's are that bad.

  3. Well, I wouldn't suggest a car for 2 kids, I have a hard time getting 1 kid into our car. Before we found out we were having a 3rd, we had a Lexus GX470 and I LOVED IT. It had a lot of space and worked well for our family. It was the saddest day of my life when we traded it in for a freakin' mini van. Seriously, I was sooo upset. But, after driving the stupid mini-van (which I swore I would never, ever, ever buy) for 6 months, I honestly don't know how I could do without. It is sooooo family friendly, it's low to the ground, so getting the girls in and out is really easy. It has more "trunk" space than any car I've ever driven. I hate to be an advocate for such a lame vehicle, but it really is a smart buy for larger families. When my kids are older, you better believe I'm going back to a classier vehicle, but for now, a mini-van it is.

    But, if you are going with an SUV, go with something like a 4runner, Pilot or something of similar size. It will work great with 2 kids and Honda and Toyota are great makers.

  4. I drive a 2005 Ford Freestyle (which Ford no longer makes - they have replaced it with the Taurus X.) It gets about 20 miles/gallon, accomodates two carseats, a stroller, and all our other miscellaneous junk nicely, and didn't break the bank on cost. I like not having to bend over all the way to get the kids in and out, and I like option of having third row seating. (I had originally wanted the Escape Hybrid, but the size was just a little too small for us and the hybrid feature would not have been as efficient for the type of traveling we were doing.)

    Had cost not been an issue, I would have gotten a Honda Pilot - my dad has one, and I love how roomy the backseat it even with carseats in it. My sister drives a Toyota Highlander - also seems like a great car with lots of room.

    Good luck!

  5. My parents have a Honda CRV and if I ever get something other than my car, I think I'll do that or something like it.
    Right now we have a Nissan Altima (my main car, Tom drives an SUV). Planning on having them for the next few years, and hopefully we'll be having another one sometime, so, I'll have two kids and a car. Obviously I don't know what that'll be like, but, I can't see it being that huge of a problem for me... the trunk is roomy, I can EASILY fit Max's PNP and stroller in there with room for overnight bags, etc... the only issue might be the few months of a backwards-facing big carseat behind the driver's side (not an issue for me, but when my husband is driving).

    Personally, I find it MUCH harder to get Max into our SUV than into our car. Maybe that's because I'm short?

  6. right now i drive a pontiac grand prix gt and my husband drives a four door ford f150. both vehicles have worked well having one kid. however, if my husband is going with - we always take the truck because it is more roomy.

    i agree with kim. right now these work for us, but if we had another kid, we would always be taking the truck with matt as the car would be cramped (matt is tall and has to push his seat waaay back for comfort). i'm short too so i have to climb up into the truck then i am able to get tucker in the carseat so it seems a little harder that way?

    i can't wait to get an suv of some type. i'll probably be looking for advice on that when the time comes.

    good luck! car issues suck!

  7. I'm just like Michelle. I swore that I'd never drive a van but now I LOVE my Dodge Grand Caravan! We drove a Ford Taurus with 2 kids and a dog on many long road trips (my family lives 5 hours away) and it was miserable--we just had to get something bigger! I wanted an SUV but I am in my car all day for my job as a home health nurse so I needed something good on gas mileage. So a van it was! It has so much room! We have the stow 'n go seats so I have lots of storage room for my nursing supplies when the seats are up. I just love my mommy van and I can't imagine going back to a car.

  8. I only have one kid and cannot function with a car. I'm all SUV, all the way. There are some that aren't so gassy guzzley out there . . .

  9. We have the Chrysler Pacifica. I love the size... and that's about it. I had a Grand Prix before that and I traded that exactly 7 days after I had the first child. I miss the balls... because the Chrysler has NONE. It does, however, have a ton of AMAZING blind spots that, after driving for 2.5 years, still make me nervous.
    Like I said, I love the size and we have been able to fit a TON into the back, we have 6 person seating. I think it's classified as a mini-van, but it has 4 doors, none which are sliding:)
    I'd go with a that size range. The cross-over type SUV, and probably the best vehicle is foreign. As sad as I am to say it because I'm all for supporting American made. But dang... they just don't last!

  10. when my van died i was desperate. so now i have a ford escape. a bit tight with 4 kids. but i couldn't stomach any more repairs on the van!

  11. we have an accord (1999) that we fit THREE kids in for 4 mo. before we got something bigger. It might not be convenient, but it is possible. Two kids were perfect in that car though, so if you want a car an accord would do you just fine (in my opinion, since it was fine for me) but I didn't downsize, so that might be hard.

  12. i have a ford explorer and it works fine for two in car seats but three just don't work. fortunately john is old/big enough for just the seat belt.

  13. i have an '01 chevy tahoe gas guzzler. but I WOULD NOT TRADE IT FOR ANYTHING at this point. other than the fact that it's paid for, it's roomy, accommodates us all and then some, as well as hockey equipment, strollers, groceries, etc. and drives like a dream. i love the way it looks too. the hubs has a sunfire as a commuting car. definitely NOT carseat friendly.

  14. So far my Chrysler Pacifica is working good for me. You can choose between the 3rd row option, which has six seats, or you can get just the 2nd row like I do and have seating for 5 like other SUV's, and get the large trunk space. I dont consider this a van, especially when mine has just two rows. Its is actually classified as a Crossover on the title too. Im really liking the Crossovers a lot more. They have the space like and SUV, but not the gas guzzling. On my Pacifica I get about 24 mph higways, and 20mph city.