Thursday, February 7, 2008

There's an effant in our front yard

For the past month or two, Porter has occasionally pointed at his bedroom window and said "Effant! There's an effant outta winnow!" (fyi... effant is elephant in Porterese)

Tonight it was sooo funny. We were all sitting in the livingroom, P and Ry were putting together train tracks and I was browsing Porter's scrapbooks. Porter looks up, into his bedroom and says:

"Effant! Effant outta winnow!"

Ryan and I look at each other and laugh. He asks Porter to show him.

Porter and Ryan walk into the bedroom. Porter gets up on his bed and looks for a minute.

P: "Oh. I on't see anyfing. Effant dawn (aka gone)."

They walk back into the living room. Porter half waves his arm behind him, towards the window and says "See-ah later effant."


  1. How cute is he? I can't wait to hear cute things like this out of Gavin. Keep sharing more - I love these stories!

  2. Stories like this always make me think... if these little tiny people can imagine stuff like that, make complete sentences like that and make perfect sense (besides the fact that there is no real elephant in his window) than why can they not understand when we say "Stay in your bed and go to sleep..."??!!!