Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blog Surfing again...

Today I wandered over to Jane's blog, whom I've had the privilege of photographing her adorable daughter, Grace, twice so far. She posted this great song thats quite sweet and reminiscent of a mother/child relationship. Check it out. Anyhow, I normally comment on her blog so leaving a comment wasn't anything new.

From Jane's blog I headed over to Baby Steps. This girl is pregnant as well, and due right around the same time as me. She looks much cuter, I have to say. I'm sure she stays away from the mint milkshakes and Swiss Cake Rolls.

From there I found Allison and Robert's blog. What a small world! I went to college with Allison! I'd like to know how they are all connected. Neat.

And then I took a trip to the Anderson's blog... they have an adorable little guy named Carter. OOoh I can't wait to have a new little one in the house!

Finally, I ended up at "Sweet Little Noah"... what a cute little guy, and great photographs too!

So... that was my blog journey today. I feel like I've peeked into quite a few homes today... hopefully they don't think I'm too much of a stalker LOL! So, go on... check em out. Leave a little comment. Go on your own Blog Surfing Journey today. Have fun!


  1. Wow, I was visiting YOUR blog off the link on Jane's blog and saw you linked to mine on your latest post. Too funny! Anyway, you asked how we are all tied together. Jane, Adam, my husband, and I and have been friends since high school and college. And Allison went to our high school too(but was a few years younger).
    Your blog is great! I will have to start keeping up with it. Your little guy is such a cutie! It makes me excited for our little boy to get here.
    Thanks for your nice comments about me on your blog. :)

  2. That's crazy another Stephanie has left you a comment... I was also blog surfing and came across your blog. I think your blog is great and your little guy is so cute! Good luck with your pregnancy!!