Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If you know a user even part of the time...

I subbed this afternoon for our Character Education teacher. The afternoon was so easy... I had a 40 minute lunch and then two 40 minute classes (2nd grade), then a 40 minute "planning period" and then 40 minutes with 1st grade. I basically played a "Say No To Drugs" video for them and voila... class done! What an easy afternoon.

The 2nd graders watched the McGruff Crime Dog "Say No To Drugs" video- I kid you not this was the same one I watched when I was in elementary school! I was cracking up at the 1980's video on there... her McHammer pants (what were those called?) and her twisty hair. OMG! Flashback! crazy. Anyhow... I thought I'd share the video clip. Its too good not to share HAHA!


  1. Sometimes an easy day at work is what you need! I had that yesterday and it was kinda nice. I personally like to be Busy at work to make the time go by, but sometimes its very nice to have a slow easy day!

  2. THAT is hilarious. Hope you are feeling a little bit better. A cheesey 80's video will cheer anyone up, right?