Saturday, March 15, 2008

Made me laugh today...

Just some funnies from Porter:

-My mom came over and brought him a Cadbury Egg... you know, the kind with the gooey cream in the middle? She was helping him eat it and it was taking him forever to get to the gooey part so she bit it for him. He looked at it and said "OH NO! Its leaking! Watch out!!" HAHAHAH!!

-Ry, Porter and I went to WalMart and the mall today (which, coincidentally in our town are right smack next to eachother). We were in this shoe store and I was waiting for Ry while he was trying on a pair of shoes. Porter was looking in a mirror on the end cap and kept saying "I don't see anything! I don't see anything!" I kept thinking... what the heck... what is he talking about. Well, then he says "Where the truck is? I don't see anything?" and he walked around to look BEHIND the mirror....

Ok, so follow me. He was looking in the mirror and could see these trucks behind him (there was a short kid wall with different bead/peg/track toys kind of like this) and he could see the trucks in the mirror. He thought there were MORE trucks behind the mirror and kept looking behind it and down the aisle and couldn't find it. He was so confused and kept saying "I don't see anything!" HAHAHA! Ryan and I about peed our pants.


  1. i'm glad you clarified cause i was confused too! i'm so jealous that he talks so much!

  2. He is so funny!
    I just love Cadbury & am stashing up until after Lent is over so I can totally pig out! What torture & now they have Orange Cream eggs, YUM! I hate it whe you open them & the eggs have already leaked for you :(

  3. He is too cute! I can't wait until Grace actually starts verbalizing things, I always wonder what is going through her baby brain...

  4. Too funny Nicole! The leaky egg was too much! ROFL!