Sunday, March 2, 2008

More good links from Kasey...

Found this on Kasey's blog...

80 words



  1. 80 Words a minute! Holy crap! How many did you get wrong? I've always considered myself a fast typer, but I only got 60 words a minute with 3 misspelled words. Did you take a typing class in school or work as a receptionist?

  2. Jen- I had 4 words wrong. I think I had a typing class in High School, but other than that, I just type a lot LOL! I did work as a receptionist in high school for a realtor for about a year.

    I'm an addicted blogger... more typing means faster I guess? Who knows...

  3. Um, let's just say there is a reason I failed typing class! My own Mother (who almost disowned me for this very reason) attempted to teach me typing @ an early age @ home & I still hunt & peck like a bird for worms.