Monday, March 31, 2008

Naptime ramblings

I'm sitting here in Porter's doorway waiting for him to fall asleep. He's being a punk about nap today. Thank God for the laptop.

He is rolling around on his bed and was just saying "Mommmeeeeeee!! Mommeeee!! Mommmmeeee! ANSWER ME!"


He's been a riot with things he's been saying today. Its cracking me up. When I first laid him down for his nap he was saying loudly "Butt! BUTT! HAHAHA BUTT!! HAHA! Hee hee hee! Butt!! BUTT!!" and was just flat out hysterically cracking himself up. Then he says "Hey, mama! Butt! HAHA! Mama, tum here. Look dis! Butt! Tum on in here mama!" (I think he got the butt word from Finding Nemo... they call the boat a "butt")

This morning he woke me up just before 7 and said "Tum on, mama, let play twucks! I wanna pway twucks!"

I got up and put on Curious George Movie and gave him a bagel and milk and I headed back to bed. He didn't come wake me until 8:45am, and was telling me "Mama, look at dis. Look, the tires go inna back of the hummer twuck." I look and he'd taken the back tires off his little white hummer and put them in the bed of the truck.

He had also found the Easter goody bag Kasey had given everyone and had devoured the chocolate goodies that were in there. He smashed up the peanut butter egg in the package (couldn't figure out how to open it, thank God!) and he said "Oh no, mama, gotta get anudder one."

Oh here he goes.... "Mammeee! My daddy! Ooooh ooh eeeh aaah I'm a monkey!" Oh hell. "Mommy... what doing mommy? What doing?" Now he's counting... he's a broken record stuck on eleven.

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