Sunday, March 16, 2008

Surfin' Sunday...

Not much to do tonight. Its been a lazy day- I'm still in my pj's from last night! Ryan and Porter spent some time outside playing (well, Ry was raking up dog logs, but Porter played with his big trucks outside) and I spent most of the day cleaning/organizing and attempting to finish painting Porter's growth chart.

I was trying to name some days of the week for blogging... like we have Thoughts on Thursday. I thought Surfin' Sunday would be fun to do a little blog surfing and bring up some links to other bloggers so my readers can enjoy. Maybe it'll catch on? Another day I was thinking was Flashback Friday... where you'd post an old picture (say... a year or older) or maybe just link to a post from a year ago that might be interesting, or possibly even bring up an item/product/trend etc from awhile back and reminisce. So... maybe this week I'll try that. Today is Surfin' Sunday.

I went to my last post with comments and went to Denise's blog. She has some great new news for those of you who haven't read her blog in awhile. Definitely worth going over there and checking it out.

From there I went to Maggie Holmes site... I chose that because I think the name Maggie is cute. Turns out she's an awesome photographer and scrap booker! Jackpot! Her daughter's room is super adorable as well... check it out. She didn't have any bloggers linked on her site, so I just picked someone random from her comments section.

That took me to My Name Is Snickerdoodles blog. I browsed a bit and I just had to link to these pages of her baby... such a neat idea for monthly update pages!!

Ok... that's it for now.


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  2. Just thought I'd tell ya I like this idea...I hardly ever post on Sundays, so maybe this would be something to get me going...I have been checking out the links you're posting and I think it's cool to get to see new blogs, so I think I might try it myself. Thanks for sharing!