Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I was tagged by Heather. I normally don't complete these things, no matter how many times I've been tagged. I feel like I can never come up with anything to write! So, I'm going to have Ryan help me. I'm sure he can come up with 7 random things about me from the past 10 years of my life...

Here are the rules:
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1. I used to "sign" words in sign language alphabet... like back in middle school/high school. I didn't do it TO people, or necessarily around people, but I'd be thinking to myself and I'd take a word from what I was thinking and spell it in sign language. OMG I sound like a freak. (as I sign "f-r-e-a-k" in signing letters HAHA! Ok... no not really). I remember wishing I could quit that habit and wondering when I'd forget about it. I obviously finally did. Eww. I'm so weird. I wonder if anyone ever noticed and thought I was insane. (Ryan did not help me with this one...)

2. I like to drive with my left foot shoeless (in the summer) and bent so my foot is resting against my right thigh... like, propped up so my foot is on the seat against my thigh and my knee is against the door. Probably not the safest way to drive.

3. I was extremely shy, quiet and reserved in school. (I was a total dork in junior high who wore leggins and horse tee shirts. OMG GAH! Thank God Leslie helped me school shop for 9th grade and got me some "way cool" clothes HAHA! At least they were cool back then...) Those of you who know me now probably think... "Nicole? Shy? Quiet? OMG!" I don't know what happened. Really. (now the dork part... that might have still stuck around)

4. I've been arrested. Not something I'm proud of at all, but it is definitely a random fact (it was one of those stupid teenager things a long time ago... I promise I'm not a hard core criminal! LOL!).

5. I had a pet hamster when I was younger (ok, one of a number of hamsters I had) that died in the winter and I wanted to bury him. So, I put him in a plastic baggie and put him in a small wooden box in our freezer. I think I forgot about him and he stayed in there for over a year until I finally took him outside for a proper burial.

6. I didn't realize my phone had texting options on it until the other day when I received a text message from Jane about Beaners mint chocolate drinks. The first thing I thought when I saw that was "OMG how did she do that? I have texting on my phone? How do I do it?" I emailed Jane (from the computer) when I got home and she wrote back cracking up that I was so clueless. I did manage to figure out how to write her back (via phone texting), although it seemed like it took me a really long time and just calling might have been quicker. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. I have no idea. Like I said... I didn't even know I could do that! HAHA!

7. Uhm... what else. Random... I love to travel. I wish I could take trips all over the country every year. I love visiting new places, exploring new cities and the hustle and bustle and excitement of airports! Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be doing any major traveling this year, other than my Chicago Girls Weekend coming up in two stinking days! YAY!

Oops... I forgot to tag 7 people. How about.... Jane, Leslie, Maria, Ryan, LeeAnn, Mandi, Carrie and Katie. If I didn't name you... well, you can be tagged too! (OMG can I count? That's 8...)


  1. yeah... you are cracking me up with the text messaging... haha.

    I like the new blog look! Say hi to my HS buddies for me, huh??

  2. You are definitely one of a kind, Nic!! That was fun, I will get on it next week when I have more time...