Thursday, March 6, 2008

TFT: Socks

We're keeping it light this week... nothing to deep and emotional, that's for sure. Well, unless you happen to have some sort of foot fetish or foot phobia.

Socks. I recently realized I was running out of socks. Ryan always jokes with me that my foot stench burns holes in the bottom of them.

I have lots of different socks, for different shoes/activities. Do you?
  • Hanes Her Way white "athletic" socks that I wear with tennis shoes
  • Hanes "low/crew cut/ankle" socks to wear in the summer with tennis shoes
  • Black, thin dress socks that I wear with my Nine West boots in the winter (well, when I'm not pregnant... 3inch stiletto heeled boots aren't good with a preggo belly), and with my black wedge shoes as well.
  • Decorative/colored/striped socks that I wear with my brown AND black wedge shoes to work/on the weekend etc.
Ok... so 99% of the time in the winter I wear one of 4 pair of shoes... I have black and brown Nine West boots and I have black and brown wedge shoes. I don't get too creative with winter shoes. So most of the time I wear my black socks. They're thin, comfortable and they kind of blend in with my black shoes, and they're thin to wear under my boots. When I wear my brown wedge shoes, I wear either brown socks or colorful socks that match the shirt I'm wearing.

I rarely EVER wear my white socks with those shoes... and now that I'm preggo and wear one of two pairs of heeled wedges, I think the white socks look weird with the shoes when I sit down and my pants don't cover my sock area. Maybe I should be wearing nylons with these type of shoes... LOL!

Do you have specific socks you wear with different shoes? If you wear shoes that you can see the top of your foot (in the winter, and they aren't "dressy" shoes) do you wear white socks or colored? If colored, is it the same color as your shoe or a patterned sock that coordinates with your sweater/shirt etc?

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  1. i love feet but i hate socks. :)

    in the summer i pretty much wear flipflops or sandal type dress shoes so i can avoid socks. if i wear tennis shoes - i wear crew style socks - champion/nike brand i have.

    in the winter, i wear dress socks with any dress shoes i wear, once in a while i will wear nylons. if anyone is going to see them, i make sure they are black or like you, match my outfit. if i wear boots, i wear my crew style socks.

    around the house (in the winter) i wear comfy fuzzy socks (like slippers) because my feet get cold. in the summer - bare feet all the time.

    funny, i've never thought so much about my socks. ever.

  2. Hi Nicole...
    What a funny topic! I like it, its light and easy.

    Sooo I wear white ankle socks with my tennis shoes year round and for work.

    I wear Gap "colored" socks Black, brown, tan, and I have some red, teal, pink and some other colors that are I dont know, medium length...I wear those with other shoes like my NineWest Black or Brown boots...winter shoes.
    But in the summer I never, ever wear socks.

    And I cannot stand to wear socks when I go to bed! :)

  3. i actually did a tft post today. about time huh? i really don't like socks. i wear them in the winter cause i have to. and i do have certain pairs that i only wear with certain shoes. it usually has to do with the thickness and the fit of the shoe

  4. I used to wear white crew socks all the time, but now I only wear them with tennis shoes. I've had major issues with my feet (I was burned when I was little), so I would ALWAYS have my feet covered up with socks,even when I went to sleep. In the last couple years I've gotten over the feet issue, so I don't feel the need to always wear socks. I usually wear boots in the your Nine West ones, so I wear dark trouser socks with them. At home in the winter I wear the white crew socks or fuzzy type socks. Have never thought to try the ankle socks...would probably work well with my shorter shoes that aren't quite tennis shoes.

  5. I'm totally boring in the sock dept. In the winter I wear boots so no one can see my socks anyway, so I just go with plain old white socks. In the summer, I only wear sandles so I never need socks. However, I do own a few pairs of black dress socks to wear with my dress pants, but that's about it. Like I said, boring!

  6. I HATE SOCKS. i wear no socks whenever i can get away with it, usually year round. and when i have to, i wear my eight year old's white hanes socks. lovely, eh? nice in the way that - no sock matching for the already dreaded laundry.

  7. winter socks- i usually wear the hanes ankle cut with my tennis shoes. I also have some of the high ones to wear with my boots for winter- I will also occassionally wear the hanes higher ones with my dress boots that are a bit to big.

    In the summer I HATE SOCKS!!! I am a sandals and flip flop kinda girl!

    I wear black knee highs and trouser socks with all my dressier type shoes.

    I like bare feet best though! :O)

  8. Oooh! I am a sock lover :) I even am the freak with Alpaca fur slipper socks! Keeps my cold-ass feet warm! I try to coordinate my socks with whatever I am wearing obviously, browns w/browns, etc. I love the thick, chunky sweater socks to wear around the house & have actually found pairs to match some of my cardigans.
    I too must be hard on socks though, because I am constantly burning holes in the heels. I found some reasonable priced socks @ Wal-mart in a variety of colors to wear w/ all of my boots & shoes (tan, black, dk brwn) & they seem to wear pretty well.
    I don't too often wear wedge type shoes, but when I do, they are a black pair & I either wear black socks, or I have a fun pair of socks that I try to coordinate wearing with them that are a funky argyle pattern.
    Ok, now that I've written a novel... Hope your weekend is going great & P-man is back to his handsome little self :)