Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday Wandomness...

Ok, that was incredibly dorky. But I couldn't think of anything else to write.

Things are getting back to normal here at the Barczak Household. Porter has turned into a total Daddy's Boy the past few weeks and the most common phrase out of his mouth as of late is "I want my daaaaaddy!"

I don't have much to blog about, except some random links I thought I'd share.

  • Since I'm in a "I luv Luvs" phase right now, I have a link to Luvs coupons... save $1.50 and $2.50.

  • Can I tell you how excited I am that this post was from April last year. Why, you ask? Well... notice the short sleeves on Porter? The date... beginning of April? That means we have about a month and we'll begin to get some nice days around here! (however, that doesn't mean they won't alternate with 40* snow days... it is Michigan, you know... HAHA!) This winter hasn't been all that terrible as far as being depressing goes. Its been a horribly harsh winter, but not that depressing. Yet. Ask me in May when we're still barely seeing buds on the trees.... my tune may sound a bit different.

  • Super neat kids toys from Kangaroo Boo. Some of my favorites:
  • I have a bunch of ideas to post regarding Photoshop and scrapbooking and collages, etc... I was thinking of creating a new blog to post all that stuff on. Anyone have some creative ideas for a blog name of that sorts? The only thing I have come up with in the past 3 minutes is "Nicole Creates" and that's pretty boring. I love the quote from Kobi Yamada's SHE book "She was an artist and her life was her canvas." Any ideas on how to work that into a blog name/url?

  • My car is still not home. Turns out its possessed. It goes from being dead to running to dying to running and back again for the mechanic. Its something electrical and at the moment is in a "I want to be a running vehicle" so he can't diagnose it until it dies again.

    We've made a decision regarding our vehicles (a '98 Dodge Durango and an '01 Hyundai Santa Fe). Ry's selling the Durango (which costs us upwards of $100/week in gas... and he doesn't drive that far either!) and getting a 4-door car that will still allow him to pick the kids (well, Porter, right now) at the sitters and be better on gas. Then we plan to trade the Fe in and get me a newer SUV or Crossover- something that will still be decent on gas but will pull the camper and have room for 2 kids. I'm leaning towards and Envoy or Trailblazer (I also really like the Mitsubishi Endeavor...), but not sure about gas mileage.... any opinions on that? Any other suggestions on SUV's? I don't need or necessarily care for a 3rd row option- I just want a roomy backseat and a good amount of cargo space.

    Ryan actually brought me home a VAN... yes, MY husband brought me home a freaking VAN last week and while it was tempting (it was newer and had all the bells and whistles), I just don't need (or want) that for 2 kids. Ask me in 3 or 4 years when we consider a 3rd child, and I'm sure we'll be trading in my SUV for a Soccermobile.

    Anyhow, we've vaguely crunched numbers and talked to our good friend Simon at Extreme and I'm thinking I can get into a newer vehicle with half the miles and my car payment will be about $100/month less. Now we just need to figure out whats wrong with the Fe, get it fixed, and find me the right new vehicle. I've had the Fe for nearly 5 years. I love it, and its been great... but I think its time to move on.

I thought I had more to blog about today... but guess not. I'm going to attempt to scrapbook now. Adios!


  1. You know my recommendation for SUV's... we are in total and complete forever love with our 4Runner. Decent gas milage, tons of room, enough balls to pull a trailer/boat, and reliable reliable reliable.

    Good luck with your vehicle hunting! And I'm glad you guys are all getting back to normal.
    *We got P's card today and Sawyer carried it around with him all evening... pointing out the colors and the "DUCKS!!". Pretty cute.

  2. "An Artist and Her Canvas"

    I have heard great things about the Pilot! I personally would LOVE to own a Toyota Sequoia some day!!! But for now I will deal with the lame van!:O) My girlfriend just bought a CRV and it is ADORABLE!!! She loves it! We had a 4runner when we were first married and we loved that too! Guess you can see that I am a Toyota girl!

  3. a van's not so bad!

    i was actually thinking about starting a blog on digital scrapbooking too! how about "life's a canvas"?

    and... thank you for the luv's coupons! awesome!

    my blog

  4. the thought of you doing a blog about all things creative makes me SO happy. you are so talented! i have no good ideas for a title. maybe 'my life = my canvas'. sorry, lame. :)

  5. I am so excited that you are thinking about starting the new blog and sharing some of those talented tips with us! The only suggestion I have is "My life is my canvas".

  6. Ooo...thanks for the Luvs coupons! That's the brand we use too and you know I need to start stocking up on diapers.

    Good luck with the SUV decision. My brother has a Trailblazer and loves it. It's roomy, but not too big and he pulls a trailer with his as well (oh, and he has three kids).

    p.s. Remember the mini-van post from way back when? Well, I guess I can justify it now since I'll have three, right? LOL! :)