Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend Update

So I left you hanging with my day from hell. Only, I never really filled in the rest just that SH (today it can be Special Husband as its his birthday... but we'll dig in more on the SH thing later...) was being less than nice.

Porter and I never made it to his doctor's appt at 9:30 Friday. I called at 9:28 and told them "I have an appt in 2 minutes. I can come late or do you want me to reschedule." They rescheduled me for next week. Hopefully next Friday will be a better day.

Then Porter and I ran into town to the bank. I have the Durango (as the Santa Fe is still in the shop being possessed) and we'd had a dump of snow Thursday so I put it in 4WD. I'm not used to driving a rear-wheel drive vehicle so 4WD is easier for me to handle when the roads are bad. Anyhow, I'm driving and whenever I try to go over 25mph the RPM's shoot up to over 4... almost to the red mark. That can't be good. So I pull into a neighborhood and at this point I notice Porter had fallen asleep less than 5 minutes into our trip. Nice. He was *supposed* to nap for my grandma in the afternoon so I could leave at 1:30 to scrapbook.

Back to the truck... I try to take it OUT of 4WD and its stuck. I can NOT get it to budge. I also realize I can't really drive 20mph all day and I had no idea what to do. I called Ry's work and one of the guys answered and was a bit rude and said Ry "probably wasn't around since he didn't answer teh phone himself". UGH. So I hung up and started BAWLING. I could barely bend my pregnant belly over to try to push the 4WD gear, and I had no idea what to do or how to get anywhere. Ry called back and talked me out of my hysteria and helped me get into the right gear (turns out I was in 4 low and I needed to be in 4 high... go figure).

Anyhow, I then went to Ry's work because I couldn't get it out of 4high and into 2wd. He hopped in the Durango, moved the gear and gave me the death stare because "It slid right into gear! What was the problem!?" So, again I'm bawling because he's being rude about something that I HONESTLY could not get the gear to move. Ugh.

Then... my albums from 2Peas arrive, which was great... only one of my albums has a box cutter slash on the cover. And I called them to get it replaced and got a machine saying their hours were from 8:30am to 4:30pm Central time. Well... it was 1:30pm Eastern time, and they SHOULD have been open.

Oh well.

LeeAnn picked me up and I vented to her the whole way to Chelsea (thank you for listing to my ranting!) and then we all had a great afternoon/evening cropping. There were 9 of us there: Me, LeeAnn, Lori, Zoe, Leslie, Kristin, Coleen, Maria and Maria. I ended up getting 7 pages done and I also won a $5 gift card in the drawing that night. YAY!

The ride home was hell... we drove 25mph the whole way as the roads were TERRIBLE. A complete glossy sheet of ice and the snow was coming down so hard you couldn't see the side of the road or anything. Luckily we all made it home safely.

We're going back in 2 weeks and I can't wait. Then two weeks later it'll be Chicago. I'm soo looking forward to those weekends.

Saturday we spent the day home. Porter was running a fever between 102* and 103* all day and he was miserable and cranky and not feeling well. He coughed non stop all day. I felt so bad for him.

TODAY is Ryan's birthday... Happy 27th! He's still lounging around and we're all in our pj's and just relaxing. I want to tackle Hudson's room and attempt to get that a little more organized. Laundry is almost done. Yesterday I rented three movies for Porter (Land Before Time, Ice Age and Home on the Range). Home on the Range is annoying and ridiculous. P liked Land Before Time a lot, and Ice Age... ehh that was so-so. We'll probably keep the movies going today and just lounge around and relax and try to get the little guy feeling better.

I'll post some other posts today... hopefully more interesting stuff than my boring, uneventful weekend.


  1. I've had days like those. We must drive men nuts, when we bawl uncontrollably! I've always wondered how they are able to handle stress without crying sometimes! Hope today is better.

  2. i'm glad that you had a great night scrapping!

    have a nice relaxing day! we're doing pretty much the same thing here. oh, and happy birthday to the sh!

  3. man the roads were great when i left. i did 80 the whole way home. good thing i left early! hop porter gets to feeling better!

  4. sounds like you need a vacation! happy birthday to your SH.