Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ella ella ella

Is it queer that I'm burning a cd for my son... of the song "Umbrella"..... HAHA!

He loves that song, and heard it on the radio the other day after a long bout of not hearing it. Since then every time we get in the car he asks "Turn radio up... put on ella ella ella song!" So, I downloaded it for the obsessed dude. He gets so excited when he hears it come on. Oh boy....


  1. It's better than bringin' sexy back - Morgan's favorite! Can't stand that song and he LOVES it. I refuse to play kids music in my car though so I guess it's my fault LOL

  2. Too cute! My kids all have their own mix-cd's of choice :) Who needs Kidz Bop when you can just burn them!

  3. Lukas loves to listen to Gwen Stefani's Great Escape and sing the "woo-hoo"'s! its so funny what they catch onto just listening to songs in the car.