Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feelin' Clean and Feelin' Green

Since our house showing last Sunday, I've been trying really hard to keep the house clean and orderly. For the past week and 2 days, I'd say its looked pretty good... despite the sink full of dishes Ryan likes to leave and the pile of his clothes on the bedroom floor.

I've been making the beds (mine and Porter's) *almost* every day, picking up after myself in the mornings and trying to contain Porter's toy mess as best as possible. Most of our issue is clutter... if P gets a toy taken away, we put it on the entertainment center. He bites the tire off his truck, so we sit it on the ledge by the sink. Receipts, mail, etc etc... end up in random areas sitting on random ledges or furniture. Ick!

Yesterday my mom watched Porter over here and God bless her she did our dishes TWICE (to keep the sink empty and clean... opposite of Ry's philosophy of "I already did the dishes ONCE today... regardless of if it would only take him 4 minutes to wash and empty the sink) and she also scrubbed our kitchen floor... hands and knees. WOO HOOO! You're hired, mom (THANK YOU)!

All this cleaning and keeping things clean comes in handy.... we have ANOTHER showing on Thursday. The same people. They're looking at our house and 3 others. I'm baking them cookies with a mental note of "Here, eat these up while you sit and sign the papers at our table" HAHA! Really, though, I highly doubt anything will come of the showing. The market is just sucky and our house is priced high for the market. Don't get me wrong, though, I'd about crap my pants if we did get a decent offer!

Today I got home from work and vacuumed and cleaned out my car. Ryan joined in and cleaned out the Durango while Porter kind of helped.

I also took our recycling to the recycle place. I was talking to Leslie on the way there and she laughed and said "You're so green!" because just yesterday I talked to her and told her I'd taken a box of donated stuffed animals to send over to a solider in Iraq who distributes them to poor children. (For future reference: PLEASE... we need no more stuffed animals! LOL! Porter has so so so many of them that I'm resorting to sending some to Iraq at at $20 shipping cost!! HAHA!) I'm all about getting rid of stuff lately. The less clutter in our tiny house, the better. I can't wait for the garage sale this June!


  1. If you're going to send more stuffed animals over-and I think its super sweet-let me know, there are ways you can send stuff to the military for SUPER cheap!

  2. you just made me want a hot, gooey chocolate chip cookie!!! I've been denied chocolate
    Good luck with the house :)

  3. Spring cleaning huh? Me too!!!

    I have been listing stuff for free and for sale on Craigslist for the last couple days. It is amazing how fast it all goes- submit the post and the phone is ringing- i love it!!!! Even 8 wood pallets that a guy came to pick up so that he could take them and recycle them!

    I love spring! Of course minus the freaking snow storm we got hit with today. I NEED SUN!!!

  4. i hope you get an offer on the house! our house has the clutter everywhere too. i'm on a mission to get rid of anything in my house that is just taking up space. i've tossed four totes of junk and have four totes (and furniture) listed to sell at our garage sale! it feels good!

  5. sounds like you're "nesting"- ha ha=) does this mean the baby is coming soon?;)

  6. I need to get my booty moving and start doing some spring cleaning. Like Maria said...are you nesting?

  7. glad you can singlehandedly furnish iraq with stuffed animals :)

    and it's a good time to 'have' to keep your house clean, you can put your nesting to use...

    good house selling vibes to you!

  8. man i have a ton of stuffies i would love to send some where! good luck with the showing!

  9. I think it is so sad that now that we are planning to move, the house looks better than it ever has!