Saturday, April 19, 2008

Getting back to our regularly scheduled program...

This weekend has been great, so far. Ryan and I had a really good chat on Friday and just that little effort has seemed to make our weekend wonderful. I've had a few readers open up to me via email and share some stories and advice and I'm just in awe and so thankful for it.

We've spent our weekend working on the yard. The messy, dug up yard. Ry planted some grass seed today, Porter and I planted a few flowers in flower pots. We grilled out hot dogs for dinner, went on a walk to my grandmas house with the dogs and then after Porter fell asleep Ryan and I watched Gone Baby Gone. (great movie... sad ending if you're overly hormonal...)

We still haven't heard anything from our house showing on Thursday, so I'm assuming we shouldn't hold our breath for an offer. Which isn't all that surprising to me. Ah.. oh well.

We've had wonderful weather this week and weekend. It was nearly 80* on Friday! I'm in a serious clothing rut as I am not only running out of long sleeve shirts that fit over my belly, but its getting warmer and I hate to invest in short sleeve shirts for just a few more weeks. Bleh! I did buy one shirt at Target on Friday, but that still leaves me with just 2 short sleeve shirts. And I really only have gauchos from pre-pregnancy days... and although they do fit (they're cotton stretch), they're a bit more snug than I'd normally wear them. Grrr.

Tomorrow I'm going to church with Leslie and then the guys and kids are going to meet us at the park for lunch and ice cream. I think Ry and Porter might go play mini golf while we're at church (yes, you're reading it right... I normally go to church alone LOL. Thats still something Ry hasn't fully opened up to yet, and that's ok. In time.. in time...). We discussed doing a monthly Mom/Porter and Dad/Porter day, especially once Hudson arrives, so tomorrow I think they're going to try to get out and do their Daddy/Porter day before we go to the park. I know Porter will really enjoy it. He is such a daddy's boy lately and he misses Ryan so much when he's gone at class three nights a week. It'll be great for them to spend that time together doing something fun.


  1. Hope you continue to have a great weekend!

  2. So glad you had a great weekend! I'm jealous of your 80* weather! :o)

  3. Im happy that you had such a nice weekend! This weather has been great huh???