Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Needing luck...

I got a message from our realtor today... the people who looked at our house on Thursday still really, really like it. However, the house directly behind us is the same price but has a bit more space... although it needs some updating whereas our house doesn't. I believe the "prospective buyer" is a single mom with two sons (teenager and not teenager)... and she really likes the decorating in our home.

Our realtor did give us a heads up that they'll be asking/needing $7k for closing costs...

If we could get a full offer, we'd take her up on those closing costs and run with it. But, with the market... I'm anticipating a lowball offer along with asking for closing costs. And we don't have that much wiggle room.

So... wish us luck. I'm surprised that our house is in the top 2.... I'm just hoping we get some kind of reasonable/doable offer this week...


  1. Ooo...exciting! Good luck!

    I get so anxious with stuff like this...I hope all goes well and in your favor and quickly!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. Lots of good luck coming your way!

  3. sending gooooooood sales vibes on your house!

  4. good luck... i so hope you have a buyer!!

  5. Wow, can you even imagine having a buyer after all this time?! How sweet would that be... finally! Even sweeter if she can offer what you need!
    Good luck! I hope you know soon!

  6. Good luck. I hope she chooses you guys. :)

  7. Good luck...I hope you get a great offer!:)

  8. good luck!! That is awesome that you got a potential buyer in this market-- we will hope for the best!!!