Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Random Thoughts...

I will have a TFT tomorrow... aren't you excited? This was going to be one of my posts one week, but I think I'll post it today. So, answer me this....

  • How do you like your drinking water? Do you like it ice cold, refrigerator cold or room temperature? Me- I like mine ice cold. I fill up my water bottles halfway, freeze them (unscrew the lids just a teeny bit so the bottom doesn't pop out of the bottle when the water freezes) and then top them off with water and continually refill for icy cold water at least half of the day. I drink WAY more water when I have ice water.

  • How do you eat grapefruit? I have always cut mine in half and then cut around each "triangle", scooped them out with a spoon and afterwards squeezed the juice onto my spoon to drink. At work a few weeks ago, one of the teachers was eating a grapefruit like an orange... peeled it and was eating it by the slice. Furthermore... do you eat your grapefruit cold or room temperature? Me- cold. Yum.

  • Why do bike riders (bicyclists?) ride their bikes on the road in town and not on the sidewalks? Yes, Mr. Marathon-Wanna-Be-Bike-Rider, I'm talking about you. With your spandex shorts, your tube socks, your spear shaped helmet. You're on the ROAD made for MOTOR VEHICLES and as far as I can see, there is no motor on your bike. Try the sidewalk so we don't have to pass you.

  • How do you choose "good" oranges? I get so so so irritated buying oranges. The last 3 times we've bought them they've been dry and grainy and we've ended up throwing them away. Next time I'm taking the bastards back to the store and returning them. Any tips on choosing good, juicy, NON GRAINY oranges? Maybe I need to buy those hoity toity oranges that Cass was ripping on...

  • How often do you mop/scrub your kitchen floor? For us... its seriously once every few months. Isn't that disgusting?

  • Do unborn babies really know when you're eating? It seems like literally just minutes after I begin eating he is kicking and flipping all around. Does the food affect them that quickly? Do they just feel your stomach working/digesting and it makes them all wiggly? What is going on!?


  1. -I like ice water. I drink waaay more water since getting an fridge with the in-door ice/water dispenser. I refill my glass all day. If I'm out of the house I find I drink more water with a straw. As in using a water bottle with a straw (my fave is the one I got from the hospital after delivering the babies) rather than a sports bottle or regular plastice water bottle.

    -I eat my grapefruit like you. And also cold. But I used to put half a grapefruit sprinkled with brown sugar under the broiler for a minute for dessert too... yummy!
    I've been loving the Del Monte I think they're called Fruit Naturals... already segmented up and in grapefruit juice in individual cups. So quick and easy! I used to always watch and stock up when they went on sale... now I found them at Costco and always have at least a dozen in my fridge!!

    -Bike-riders... I'm not sure on the "rules" everywhere, but in Portland it was illegal for bikers to be on the sidewalks. They are supposed to ride with traffic. They are considered part of traffic. And let me tell you Portland is FULL of bikers. Sooo many people commute that way it's almost insane. And sometimes annoying, but I'm used to it.

    -Oranges... always a crap shoot for me. Seriously, I'm beginning to think it's the luck of the draw.

  2. - water. Cold but not teeth chattering cold and with a straw. I'm thirsty.

    - grapefruit. It must be SUPER COLD, warm grapefruit icks me right out. And I sometimes use the grapefruit spoon method....and then other times I'm really lazy and I buy it already sliced and ready to inhale from Whole Foods. What a girl needs grapefruit you can't screw around with a darn spoon.

    - Bikeriders irritate me no matter where they are. On Saturday's in Westchester all the city bikers come up and go around all the curvy roads and if you're driving it's basically the most frustrating experience EVER.

    - Oranges. I'm with you - I like it when the store has one cut for you so you can see what you're getting....there is nothing worse then dry pulp oranges.

    - Kitchen Floor - Once every two weeks. The cats like to take mouthfulls of dry food and take it to another part of the kitchen for reasons I've stopped trying to figure out so after 2 weeks it's like cat food dusty gross.

    - Babies. I have to say yes. And I think it's the noise you make while chewing and swallowing. I think about how loud it is to eat Cheetos while watching a show you like because it's loud - it must be a little loud in there so they start moving around.

  3. - drinking water: ice cold. i like the ice more than the water actually... i chew on ice... bad habit i picked up during pregnancy.

    - i believe it's illegal here in MN too to ride on the sidewalks, although i'm not positive. however, i cannot STAND when people think they are the same as an actual car and ride directly in the middle of the lane, so there is a huge long line of cars backed up behind them. or when they think they are above any of the rules of the road either. i just think they should bike on the side of the road, and act NORMAL. wow sorry, i got a little worked up about that one. :)

    - mop/scrub the floor... um, let's just say not enough?

    - i think what happens is that when you eat, the sugar/glucose, etc runs into your bloodstream and that perks the baby up. it does happen really fast - in EMT class we were taught that if someone is diabetic and has really low blood sugar, give them something to eat and it helps them almost instantly. but don't quote me on that. ;)

  4. - i like my water ice cold. i just love ice water. mmmmm.

    - i hate grapefruit. nasty.

    - bike riders need to stay on the sidewalk! we have some nice bike trails up here which help, but i really get ticked when they think they are a vehicle (like kim said). they are just asking for trouble if you ask me.

    - i need tips for buying good oranges too. i think right now i'm just getting lucky.

    - i wash the kitchen floor about once a month. i hate it already, but having it be ugly AND dirty is just something i can't deal with.

    - sure i think babies are aware of when you are eating. then when it's something they don't like, they make sure you toss it up asap.

  5. -Water...I like room temp with ice or I will fill my glass with cold and tepid. I know, I am odd. And, I don't like to drink water out of a straw at home, just at restaurants.

    -I eat my grapefruit just like you, but I don't like it cold. I do like peeling it and eating it like an orange. It just takes too long.

    -I mop our kitchen floor at least once a week and spot clean in between. I cannot stand it when there stuff on our floor. If I think it's dirty, I won't walk with socks on it or barefoot.

    -Oranges....whatever ones look pretty, round and brightly colored. :)

    -Babies with food....hmmm...not sure. I think they know.

  6. * I like my water really really cold....when it's just come out of the fridge. I usually will not even drink water if it's room temp., and if it's in a cup...lot's of ice thankyou.
    * I eat my grapefruit the same way, cutting around the triangles with a spoon, and then sipping the juice up. But, I have to have brwon sugar on it....not sure why brown sugar, that's just the way I ate it as a kid & it just seems right!
    * Bike Riders can be irritating, but I believe Heather is right, they are considered hazardous on the sidewalks to pedestrians. I guess I'm just used to it, but I do wonder why they have to do the whole spandex route....seems like it'd be uncomfortable to me.
    * Oranges.....I'm going with luck of the draw. We've been buying the BEST oranges lately, juicy and seedless, I believe they are sunkist, not positive. But, we have had our share of bad batches in the past, I hate when that happens.
    * Floors.....we already had this discussion, my cleaning lady does a GREAT job every two weeks of moping my floors:)LOL!! Not sure what I'll do if I have to get rid of her!!
    * Babies for SURE know when your least mine does, he always moves right after I'm done eating, like he's got to get in a good position to settle down and take a nap after the full meal he just had! Haha!!

  7. Water; cold & not tasting like it is city water (full of bleach, prefer bottled in that case)

    Grapefruit; like mine broiled w/ brown sugar

    Bicyclists; think as long as they follow the traffic rules, they own the road, ugh!

    Oranges; tough sell for me! I hate to buy the & get them home & find evaporated fruit... Love my Clementines & Tangelo type of fruits though, the smaller type that are an easy peel for the kids & they eat them real well.

    Mopping the floor; I don't anymore! It is done once a week on Fridays by Linda who cleans for us,aaah :)

    Unborn babies & food; there has to be something to it. When you go to the hospital for stress/non-stress tests, they will make you eat something if the baby isn't moving & they say it gets the baby going??

  8. 1. I like my water cold with ice in it. If it's room temperature, I won't drink it.

    2. It's funny you posted about the grapefruit. As I was eating mine over the weekend i thought the exact same thing. I eat mine the same as you, even down to the juice at the end.

    3. Bike riders. Be careful what you call them. My brother rides and they like to be called "cyclists". Bike riders are people who ride motorcycles. LOL! Anyway, in Utah there are actual laws that protect cyclists on the road and if you pass them too closely, you can get a ticket.

    4. Oranges - I always have bad luck with them so I stopped buying them, although I do have pretty good luck with the Clementies most of the time, even though I think they are way over priced.