Saturday, April 5, 2008

A "Saturday" TFT: Spring bedtimes

Is it just me, or does it seem harder to put kids to bed at their "normal" bedtime when the time changes and its lighter out later? I guess it all depends on their bedtime, but Porter normally is in bed around 7/7:30- depending on his nap and how early he was up that day.

Since the time has changed, I've felt weird putting him in bed at 7pm when its bright as daylight out and it seems like the day just isn't over. Today was gorgeous and we took full advantage of the spring warmth. We played outside before lunch and then after his nap, Porter and I took a walk to the ice cream place, splashed in a mud puddle with his new "trog boots" (frog boots), played in the yard some more and ended the "day" with a bath for his dirty self. It was about 8:15 before I got him into his room for his bedtime story. I thought for sure he'd be out in a second, but obviously staying up that much later was too much for him as he was having meltdown after meltdown in bed.

  • First he needed his blankies on in a certain order. White blankey, Blue Blankey, Airplane Blankey and then his quilt (no, he normally does not sleep covered with so many blankets... but the White, Blue and Airplane Blankets have become his "sleep" blankets...)
  • Then he desperately needed the tag off his shirt- the tag that wasn't a tag. So, he went shirtless.
  • Then he was freaking out about he tag on his quilt, which led to him not even wanting the quilt on him, or the Airplane Blankey which he told me "I not like it! I not like dat blankey!"
  • Then he was having a meltdown that he peed. PEED.... in his diaper. Which he does every. stinking. day. But no, one little pee tonight set him off and he had to have his diaper changed. He was crying about it so bad I thought he had actually peed out of his diaper and in his bed. When I checked on him and only found a slightly damp, warm diaper I was stunned. (hmm... maybe he'll be ready to potty train soon....)
WHEW! He was definitely overtired and was in tear over everything. I finally laid down with him and he was out in a few minutes. I guess we won't be extending bedtime by an hour and a half....

Am I the only one who seems to extend bedtime when the weather is nicer and the sun is out longer? I just feel like the day isn't done... and in the summer we're usually out in the yard much longer so bedtime does end up being a tad later for the most part. Hmm...


  1. Ugh! Daylight Savings Time. That's always a fun one... 'But Mom, it's not dark out yet!'
    'Well, that doesn't stop your school night bedtime!'
    Common little spat around here :)

  2. I've felt weird about putting my boy to bed at 7:00 too, ever since daylight ST hit. This was our first spring DST with him, so I wasn't sure what to expect. He's been staying up a little later (like a half hour or so) than usual, but still goes to sleep just fine every night, even when the sun's still blaring outside. Guess it must just be weird for us adults, and the little guys are still their normal tired selves, even if it is still light out.