Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Waiting game

So... we kind of accepted their offer. We're attempting to get $500 more out of them as our realtor made it sound like she'd budge just a tad more. We sent a measly counter offer back for $500 less. We'll just be waiting to see if they accept, and after that we have to get past the appraisal and inspections. I'm nervous that our house won't appraise for enough with the market being so crappy. Cross your fingers for us, or pray or meditate or whatever your thought of choice might be.

We've both put a lot of thought into this decision and after pondering and weighing options and contemplating pros and cons... we, or at least I, feel very happy with the decision to basically PAY someone to buy our house HAHA! In the long run... it'll be in our favor. I just hope that everything goes smooth with them accepting, with the appraisal and inspections.


  1. Good luck with it all...I'm sure it will work out for you guys. How exciting and crazy at the same time!!

  2. Good luck! Saying a little prayer for ya!

  3. fingers crossed - good energy sent!
    Good Luck!