Friday, April 4, 2008

Window Shopping

Tax time sucked this year. I guess that's the fun of owning a business....

I thought I'd make a little list of some frivolous things I'd spend my money on if we had received a tax return rather than having to pay $2,000 this year. So, that'd really leave us with $4,000 in our pockets... right? The $2,000 we paid plus the $2,000 we would "hypothetically" have received.

I'd go on a little shopping spree.... maybe instead I'll just window shop on the internet.
  • A vacation next winter/early spring. Maybe back to here or here or here or here. Oh hell, anywhere warm next year would be nice.
  • Some cute froggy rainboots for P-man so he can play in our muddy yard this spring (bought those!)
  • A puzzle rack to contain P's gigantic stack of puzzles
  • A hotslings wrap to tote Hudson around in this summer (that's a definite I need to buy!)
  • A boatload of diapers... no explanation needed
  • This frame for Hudson's footprint so he has one just like Porter
  • A whole new wardrobe for me... once Hudson is evicted and I've lost this baby weight. I'd probably shop here or here or here and maybe splurge on a few items from here or here or here.
  • A rocking chair for Hudson, so he has one just like Porter (who has my old rocking chair from when I was his age)
  • One of these sleds (or maybe both!) for the boys next year.
  • A few white noise machines to replace using big stand-alone fans in each of our rooms for "white noise".
  • A crop in style tote that would make going to our monthly scrapbook nights SO much easier!!
Wow... there are lots of things I could buy with that money. Lots.....


  1. I have to open my taxes tonight. I know what they say. I am totally going to cry. I think it's mean and unfair that they are going to take all this money from me and I don't even get to have a glass, or bottle of wine to go with my tears. Meanwhile, that baby carrier is oooo soo cute. I love your list though and how you would have spent the money.

  2. we went to that same iberostar a couple years ago... aghhh i would LOVE to go back!!

  3. Nicole, I have a sling if you want it. Just shoot me an email and I can send it to you or drop it off next time I am in town. It is barely used. It made by Peanut Shell and a really cute pattern. You can look it up online if you want and just let me know!

  4. I will get that over to you sometime within the next week. Send me your address and I will let you know what day I will be in town and i'll shove it in your mailbox!

  5. I think its a large... will that work?

  6. Oh....yeah, WE are definitely going on a new wardrobe hunt after the boys are born!! I too will NEED some new clothes...I'm thinking Nordstrom's Rack in Grand Rapids, I've never been, but I've heard it's well worth it....the discounts are GREAT!!