Friday, May 9, 2008

I hate titles.

I hate coming up with a title. Especially when I really have nothing much to say but a rundown of my day.

I'm sitting here procrastinating putting Porter down for a nap. I had a doctor's appointment today and then we ran to Target to pick up a few baby items. Then my brain started to overflow with the amount of gifts we need to purchase (Mother's Day, birthdays etc...). I've put things off this year, and now its the last minute and quite honestly I forgot Mother's Day was even this weekend... until someone in the lounge mentioned it and I realized I needed to get my ass in gear and get my class' Mother's Day projects done to be sent home Thursday. GAH!

My grandma is coming over at 1:30 to sit with Porter until Ryan comes home. Tonight I'm going to my last scrapbook night before Hudson is born. I honestly really have no ambition to scrapbook but I really, really just need a night out of the house and away from Porter and our clutter here. I feel like Ryan hasn't been home much in the past few weeks... he is taking classes 3 nights a week (although he recently dropped one last week in the middle of the semester... not smart) and he also joined a golf league on Thursday nights. He needs down time too, but then the more I think about it I think oooh.. that'd be like me planning a once a week scrapbook night and I'd personally feel so guilty about being gone on a "me" night every single week.

Anyhow... I guess my gist is that I've been home and lonely for four nights a week, on top of being 9 months pregnant and freaking tired and achy as hell, chasing after an in-the-middle-of-terrible-twos-toddler, and stressed about if our house is really, truly going to sell and if the house we want will still be available and trying to keep our house clean and somewhat organized. So, even though I really don't have any ambition to scrapbook, I'm going anyway. I need to just get away and de-stress. I might have to re-think the once a week scrapbook night if Ryan keeps up with his golf every week. If he can be gone, why can't I?


  1. Because then if he has class three nights, golf one night, and then you're also gone one night, when will you ever see each other??

    Cheer up, school can't last forever right? He'll be done soon (soon is relative) and you guys can have a little bit more equal time sittin around the house and/or getting out of the house. :)
    Can you invite a girlfriend over to keep you company one of the nights he's gone?... for some low key chit-chat, drinks (in a few more weeks!!), or scrapbooking. Just someone to keep you company. I know it gets old being the one "stuck" at home...

    Have fun tonight and I hope you have a relaxing weekend! Are you to the point yet of thinking, "this could be our last weekend with only one kid!" ?! hehee.

  2. ooooooh, i think a glass of wine is calling our name real soon:)
    or wait, i think i hear it calling my name?? oh yeah, baby:)

    i have no idea how guys don't feel guilty about being gone and we do. i just wish we didn't feel guilty. and then we do go and it feels OH SO SWEET:)

  3. i hope you had a good night out! i feel guilty when i get away for a night alone too - but we all need it! this is exactly why there should be more time in the day, so we can all do what we NEED to do, but also get in what we WANT to do. :)