Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend Rundown...

We've had a pretty full first weekend home with Hudson.

  • went to my aunt and uncles for dinner and to hang out and see my cousins new baby girl.

  • I took Porter to the park with LeeAnn and Lukas
  • Missy, Brian and Hailey came over to see Hudson
  • We went to the Huffs for a cookout in the evening
  • My sister and Aubri stopped by
  • Maria and Andrew came over to see Hudson
  • Leslie came over and brought us dinner (thank you!) and stayed to help me pack up my office.
Today was over 80* here. I'm dying. Our house is roasting. We haven't put the air conditioners in as we are obviously moving in just a few days and tomorrow is supposed to be only 60*. Our house is so sweltering, humid and hot I don't know how I'll be able to sleep tonight.

My office is barely packed. Les came over to help me pack and we got one cabinet of photo albums packed and three of my cupboards and some scrapbook supplies. We filled 11 boxes! I dread moving.

Porter is being a punk and is still upstairs fighting going to sleep. I'm ready to put him in the pack n play and shut his door. He is being absolutely ridiculous.

Tomorrow Ryan goes back to work and I'm just not ready to be home with two kids on my own. I still feel like total crap, my boobs and, uh.. bottom... still hurt like hell, and I've also been blessed with a recurring migraine today. I took a Midrin at lunchtime and it helped, but its back again and my head is pounding and I'm so not looking forward to being on my own with two kids and feeling so shitty. By 10 or 11am I'm feeling weak and shaky and ready for a nap. Not going to happen tomorrow. Not to mention Ryan also has homework that he put off doing this weekend and I'm sure he'll end up doing that before his class tomorrow night... so not only will I be on my own all day, but all late afternoon and evening as well. I might need some strong drugs to get through the day tomorrow. Wish me luck.

I'm off to get some more Midrin and head to bed... my sweltering, sweaty hot bed. UGH. I wish it'd cool down already!


  1. Hope you're able to get some good rest tonight to gear up for your big day tomorrow! And the week ahead. And the weeks to come... hehe!
    Good luck!

  2. I am wishing you luck and lots of rest!

    p.s. I would offer to have Porter come up and play with Nathan but according to Nathan, I am a "mean, mean" and a "bad, bad" mommy :-( How I wish he was an infant again!

  3. I hope you are able to get some rest! Have you ever talked to your OB/GYN about the issue w/your milk coming in & how large you get, etc. Seems like there is a shot or something I remember that they could give you (unless those days are obsolete) to make you dry up quicker?? Also on those migraines, hope those stay the heck away & this was just a fluke of one!

  4. What a busy weekend - hope you got some rest. It was hot here last night too and the idea of it getting even warmer at night with me getting even bigger has me fretting in advance.

  5. No problem....It was fun looking thru all of your albums.

    I have tomorrow off. Do you guys have plans? You could come over and Porter & Reyna could play outside. We have that new big climber. Let me know. Or, we could head over to that park in Albion I was telling you about.

  6. Sounds like a busy weekend! I hope you get feeling better and can get some sleep.

  7. heya!
    i found you through Jenn at stickyfeathers...i've been reading for a week or so...congrats on your new addition! i just had to comment because i just wanted to say i (literally) feel your pain! i get migraines too and they suck! i take midrin too, and it's not always the best fix, but you do what you can huh? anyway, just wanted to say hi! hope you're getting much needed rest! (with a new baby - yeah right, huh?!)