Thursday, May 15, 2008

Offer update...

We haven't heard anything for sure, but our realtor emailed me today and said this about the listing agent:

"His comments today, were that we were 'miles apart' on the price. He was referring to the price along with the seller concessions, so we'll see what they come back with..."

Hmm. I didn't think we were being THAT unreasonable, especially considering the market. I hope that they at least counter offer us and not just shoot down our offer. I'm hoping we'll hear something tomorrow.

As far as the inspections and all that, I made a few phone calls today (as did Ryan's dad) and I think the inspections and restoring the electricity will fall into place easily. I'm just hoping our offer falls into place soon.

I'm starting to freak out about moving. Its the 16th (well, tomorrow is). Our closing on our house is June 2nd... just 18 days away. This weekend is pretty much the only weekend we'll have to pack as more than likely I'll be induced next Friday. GAH! I'm freaking out. I'm feeling huge and uncomfortable and Hudson practically feels like he's falling out. I can barely move comfortably, let alone pack up an entire house.

Sorry for the boring posts. I'm going to work on the "Flashback Teen Pics" post tonight I think. Does anyone else want to join in??


  1. hang in there girl-- I can't imagine the stress-- I hope they take your offer!

  2. i will play... do you need two pics, one from then and one from now?

  3. i wish all of us could take a trip and come help you pack up - i can't imagine having to do all this while being nine months pregnant! dang girl! best of luck with things falling into place.

  4. Offer stress deserves it's own stress bucket. Hope that it works out!

  5. I don't have a scanner at my house. I have a "shared" one and it's at my mom and dad's....otherwise, I would play along.

    If you need help packing, just let me know....Try not to freak. Everything always falls in to play.

    I think Jennys' comment is so sweet. That would be a lot of fun.

  6. I want in on the Flashbacks...but I dont even know where any of my school pics are...I will have to look! Nic, I know you got some good ones of me from back in the day, I'd love to see them.