Thursday, May 1, 2008

So so sick of it

I'm so freaking sick of drama.... sick of every two hours something new and stressful comes up.

I'm sick of
big decisions
feeling like my mind is racing in 50 directions
being so tired
my dramatic family
student loans
decisions about going back to college this fall
with this effing housing market
being so pregnant
and not knowing what is going to be happening with our house and Hudson being born in the next 4 weeks.

Can I skip to next fall, please?

C'mon... pile on a few more things... maybe I'll just end up in a mental ward.


  1. I'll meet you there, we can par-tay... LOL

    Hang in there, chick.

  2. Count me in!

    Wanna have Nathan come stay with you??? Oh wait, you were probably joking about adding one more thing to your plate ;-)

    Hang in there! If I can help, let me know!

  3. If I had a jet... I'd fly you down here! It sounds like you need a beach day or SOMETHING to just clear your head!

  4. About a week or so from now, you'll be in the hospital looking at your new son's face and none of this stuff will honestly matter.