Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Still here... Still no sign of baby in sight.

I swear... EVERYONE around me is having their babies.

A co-worker had her little girl a couple weeks ago. She wasn't due until June 1st.

Kim and Katie both had their babies last week.

Monday, another co-worker had a new granddaughter, and another co-worker's wife delivered their first baby.


Any. Day. Now. Hear that, Hudson?

We had our house inspections last Saturday and those went great. We also had the appraisal done on Tuesday and according to the realtors, they think everything went well. So, looks like things so far are going smoothly on the "selling" front.

On the "buying" front... we put an offer in on the "H" house today. We're holding our breath and praying that the bank accepts. I was able to convince Ryan that we needed to turn in a decent offer if we wanted to be somewhat guaranteed to get this house. Our bottom line is still about $18,000 less than the listing price, so there is still room for the bank to reject it.

Even if they do accept, we're still not out of the woods. Being a foreclosure, most of the inspection costs will fall on us (more than likely). Which wouldn't be such a big deal... except the house has the baseboard/hot water heating and has been winterized (aka no power or water to the house). Meaning... it might be costly to get that up and running just to make sure it works. And, there is no meter for the power/gas on the house so we will need to contact Consumers to have that put on so that we can check the electricity and have that inspected. I'm hoping those costs aren't too high, and I'm also hoping that once we pay that stuff that the inspections are ok. I'll be ticked if we get in there after turning all that on and find out the whole heating system is shot or something.

So... we are nowhere out of the woods, but I just have a good feeling about this house being so perfect for us. As long as there is no underlying major problems with it.


  1. I hope Hudson makes his debut soon - I am so excited for you!

    And good luck with the offer! Do you have the option of purchasing a home warrenty? Ours ran about $300 but was 100% worth it . . . we have had to replace both the hot water heater and the furnace since moving in last summer, and since it was within the first year, the warrenty covered it (our home was a foreclosure.) Crossing my fingers for you!

  2. Maybe you will go into labor this weekend. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    I hope they accept your offer on the house. It would be nice if you didn't have to jump thru a ton of hoops before they accept.