Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Updates on this week so far

First trip out with both kids alone:
Yesterday we went to Target to get my niece Aubri a birthday present. It took me nearly an hour and a half to get ready and out the door. If Hudson wasn't needing something, Porter was getting into something and I was having to clean up after him.

Hudson slept the entire time we were gone, which wasn't all that surprising. We strolled the baby section and then headed into the toy department at Target. I was being all indecisive about what gift to get and ended up roaming up and down the aisles. I began feeling weak and my legs were aching before I had even found a gift. I finally hobbled up to the counter, dealt with a mini meltdown from Porter because he wanted Goldfish crackers and I told him he could have the cheese crackers I had in the diaper bag. We made it out alive and once I was in the car I about fell over exhausted. How can a 1 hour trip to Target tire me out that quickly??

As we turned onto West Ave I saw a billboard for $2.50 Margaritas all day Monday and Tuesday. It flashed through my mind that it was Tuesday and ohh... crap that'd be trashy if I took my 2 kids in and had a margarita HAHA! It was tempting though.

Hudson's 1 Week Physical
I took Hudson in for his 1 week appointment and he has gained 7oz since last Friday! He was 6lbs 14oz on Friday and today he weighed 7lbs 5oz- he's up 3oz from his birth weight. He's become a great eater- sucking down 2oz bottles every 3 hours or so. He did really well at his appointment... he just laid there on the table in his diaper, waiting for the doctor, and cooed and looked around. He's such a content little guy.

Playdate at Leslie's
Leslie had invited us over for lunch after Hudson's appointment, and it actually ended up being a little play date- her cousin Maria and her kids came over, along with Katie and her two boys and Leslie's friend from our high school, Jessica. Leslie made us lunch and the kids tore her house apart and then we headed outside to play on all her new toy equipment. I'll definitely need to start doing more play dates so that I don't go stir crazy this summer!

Update on the H House
Well, I have somewhat bad news. Our realtor has been bugging the H House's realtor about our offer and he finally got back with her today and told her that there are now 2 offers on the house and the bank has countered back with "Best and Highest Offer".... so basically we're in a freaking bidding war on this house. Go figure... the market sucks, houses sit for sale for years and the one house we want now has two other people bidding on it. UGH! So, since my wonderful, dear husband was dicking around last week with a measly $2,000 counter offer, we're now offering them their full and highest counter offer that they gave us and crossing our fingers that we'll be the "Best and Highest Offer". I'm upset and disappointed and irritated to say the least.


  1. 2oz bottles?? LOL Callie is a total pig! She normally eats 3oz but today has been sucking back a couple of 4 oz!! Guess that's what happens when you are nearly 10 lbs at birth - she's probably about 12 lbs now, chunky monkey!

  2. It's good you are getting out of the house! Sounds like Hudson is an angel baby which makes it a little bit easier. Hope everything works out with the house.

  3. Nicole, buying forclosures is so hard! We ran into the same thing on one recently. We put an offer in. Waited a month. Nothing. Then I noticed that they dropped the price. Our broker called the selling broker and he/she said we are now accepting your "best and highest" offer. It's been 2 weeks now since then. All in all we are into this particular house for almost two months. The banks don't care about the condition of the house and want as much as they can get. It's so frustrating! We've actually given up on this one and put an offer on a different house. It was accepted and we are doing our inspection today.
    It sounds like you had a great time at Leslie's :) That is so nice that you have a good group of girls to do that with!

  4. Bummer news on the house. I hope things go the way you want... Just keep telling yourself if it's supposed to be yours, it will be. If not, like you said, there are a million other houses out there! I hope you get it though... I know how much you loved that one!

    Glad you had fun with the girls!

  5. I've been in the same boat with the house deal. Our first offer was put in the end of Feb, turned down, we countered..they decided they weren't taking offers anymore...they lowered the price...we offered again then found out there were 3 other bidders and had to do the "best & Highest offer" thing too. We ended up getting it by $40 and 30 of that was a mistake by the selling agent. We finally closed on the house the end of May last year so it took about 3 months total. Hope it doesn't take as long for you or that you find something else that you like just as much and in your range!