Saturday, June 14, 2008


Heather and Aubri came out for the afternoon (and evening) yesterday. Porter and Aubri spent the day playing - Heather gave me a break from him for awhile and took them down the road to my Aunt Dawn's house. It was nice to have a little break from him. I feel like all I do lately is yell at him because my patience is cut so short. I spent the afternoon trying to email some clients, paying bills and catching up on email. Afterwards, I joined in and helped my mom, grandpa and Ryan powerwash and paint the deck. Its still not finished... its a huge deck.

By the time evening came around, the weather was so nice and comfortable. Heather and I took the kids out front to play with their squirt guns my mom bought them. They ended up dragging out a bunch of toys into the driveway and played for a few hours.

P and A took turns pulling eachother in the wagon.

Need a little "cheese"?

Gotta love those toes...

And her adorable ringlet curls

Porter loves playing with doll houses. He uses them as garages. Usually cars fill up the rooms HAHA!
P-mans cute little belly button

And...muscle man himself, helping me carry his bin of outside toys back into the garage. Check out his little muscle!


  1. I love the "kid running around in the diaper" look! LOL! Cute pics that will be keepsakes forever! :)

  2. Cute pics! Love Porter's "Cheese!"

  3. Awww, what cute pictures! When did Aubri get curls? They're so cute!