Tuesday, June 3, 2008

H House Update....

Well... the house is "unofficially" ours!

We heard from our realtor last week and she said that she talked to H House's Realtor (HHR) and she was pretty confident that the house was ours, although she had nothing in writing. I felt a little relieved, but still not holding my breath as we have terrible luck and it'd be just the thing to have it backfire and not come through. Its now Tuesday and we've finally just heard back about the house.

We had given our realtor a $1000 deposit (which the bank that "owns" the house required as earnest money with our offer... we'll get it back when we close on the house) about 2 weeks ago. She said we needed a cashiers check instead and was giving us that check back in exchange for a cashiers check. Ryan went to get that today, and he was confused as to why we were giving a deposit when we had nothing in writing that the bank accepted our offer. He couldn't get in touch with our realtor, so he called HHR and the guy said "I'm just waiting to get your earnest money so I can have my client sign the papers and you'll be all set."

WHAT!?! So... the dude has just been sitting there waiting for us, but made no mention of needing the deposit in his hands before getting the ball rolling and getting a signature from his client. We had just thought that the fact that we'd given our realtor a personal check would suffice until we got the cashier's check to them.

Anyhow.... I've spoken with our realtor and she said that basically it seemed that they were being picky, but once they have our earnest money, the papers will be signed and we can get started with inspections!

We're getting closer... still not out of the woods though. I'm hoping that the inspections come back fine and we'll soon have a new house to move into!!


  1. Ha, good luck with the bat! I'd be freaking too!!

    That whole thing with the earnest money is weird. We've always submitted a personal check with the contract. ALWAYS. But.. whatever.

    I hope you get H House asap!! It seems like you are going to love it!! Good luck to you!
    Hudson is soooooo cute!

  2. Good luck w/ the house & the bat! It is probably snuggled up under a rug, eww!

  3. Good Luck!! I hope that everything goes smoothly!

  4. Hope you get the house, good luck!

  5. I hope all is working out on the homefront!

    Crossing my fingers for you!

  6. wow-- that's great about the house!-- I hope it all works out well! crossing my fingers for you