Monday, June 23, 2008

He'll bamp you with his rhymes

Porter has been so funny lately with his vocabulary. He is all about making up silly nonsense words, one of his favorites being the "verb" Bamp..... yesterday as I was sweeping the floor he said "Mama, don't bamp that floor. I'm going to bamp you!" He uses bamp as a verb all the time, just substituting it into random sentences. Tonight I turned the tables on him and told him to "Bamp that diaper into the bamp or I'm going to bamp you!" He thought it was pretty funny and was cracking up.

He also has been rhyming words left and right. One of his favorites to say is "Hummer Bummer" (his favorite vehicle... hahah!). He also has been calling Hudson "Messy Bessie" (remember... his nickname for him) and my grandma said that Porter kept calling her "Oma Boma" tonight.

**6/30 New Rhymes**
Mommy Bommy
Porter Quarter
Aubri Daubri
Gramma Damma
Hummer Bummer Dummer

That kid is crazy, I tell ya.


  1. How cute that he is doing the rhyming! Lukas hasn't done that or the "Why?" phase like Porter did before. These boys are craazy!