Monday, June 9, 2008

Taking Bets...

On what will go wrong next and how long it will take until I'm admitted to a mental ward.

So... let's recap my Month-From-Hell:

  1. Accept offer to sell our house
  2. Lose $2700 on the sale of our house
  3. Have a baby
  4. Gamble back and forth with the bank over the purchase price of our desired home
  5. Find out there are other offers on the home we want
  6. Pack up the last 6 years of our life
  7. Move in with my mom with a 10 day old baby and 2 year old
  8. There's a bat in the house (ok, so this is minor, but a little stressful for me)
  9. I'm stuck at home with 2 kids for the past 2 weeks while my poor husband has been killing himself with school finals and moving our boxes and furniture.

Now... what's new...

  1. Friday night the power went out for about 5 hours
  2. Saturday the power went out for about 3 hours
  3. Yesterday the power went out from 4:30pm on. We finally call Consumers at 11pm b/c it was hotter and muggier than hell in the house. Power isn't anticipated to be turned on until WEDNESDAY the 11th!!!
  4. At 11:30pm we pack up two kids, two dogs, two adults and enough belongings to last us until Wednesday and truck it 30 minutes north to Ryan's parents house because they have power.
  5. I just grocery shopped on Friday... I'm sure everything will be spoiled. AND.... we have a deep freezer in my mom's garage that contains a ton of meat and all the frozen food from our refrigerator at our old house... and I'm sure that'll spoil as well. Meaning... when we move we'll have zip to put in our new fridge. And approximately $0 to buy all new stock.

We're now on our second "move" in the past 2 weeks. Not only are 99% of our belongings packed away in storage, but now we have that 1% spread out between my mom's house and Ry's parents house. Not to mention, I packed away every bit of non-maternity clothes once I wasn't fitting into anything last fall. I have no idea where that box is (which includes all my bras, t-shirts etc etc...) and I have exactly 3 shirts and 3 gauchos to wear.

I'm losing my effing mind here.

On top of all that, we have our inspections on H House this afternoon. It was a little fiasco to figure out if we'd even be able to have inspections done as the house is winterized and has no power. However, after no less than 72 phone calls I find out that apparrently the other realtor had the power restored last Thursday, but "surprise surprise" he didn't communicate that with our realtor.

So... inspections are on. Please please please please, for my sanity, pray that everything checks out ok and we'll be able to give it a go and close on this house soon. I am desperate to get into our own home. I feel like we're imposing on everyone by lugging our family and belongings around and crashing at everyone's house. Not to mention Porter is probably confused as hell as to why we keep moving from house to house and leaving behind more and more belongings. I'm feeling like a terrible mother for putting him through all this, on top of having zero patience with him and have spent most of the past week yelling at him for normal 2 year old things.

Alright... that's all for now. Just wanted to update.


  1. Hang in there! I'll send good vibes your way that everything goes smoothly with your inspections.

  2. Hey, if you don't open your deep freeze, it should be fine until Wednesday. Those things stay pretty cold for a long time. It was nice to meet you on Friday and I am very sorry you are having all that stress!

  3. hang in there- praying all goes well with house h. I can't imagine what a wreck i would be in your shoes-- you are a super woman!

  4. I hear ya!!
    I'm dealing with the same stuff you are...except my family isn't as cool as you guys'. You're very lucky to have such supportive family and friends.

  5. WOW! You are definitely in need of a night out. See you tomorrow!

  6. So glad the inspection went good for you on Monday.. Any more updates on any closing? We are going to be out of town a lot in the next month, but just shoot me the dates on when you'll know about your "cleaning crew" to come in and I'll see if I can help out, if not on those days, definetly when im in town!