Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What's on your list?

Leslie inspired me to make a thankful-for list today. I think lately I've turned into a Negative Nelly and have been whining so much about everything that's gone wrong in my life this past month. It might be nice to focus on the positive, right?

  • The awesome, awesome weather today... not humid, its gorgeously sunny and a nice crisp breeze
  • My two sweet little boys who have both been napping for the past 2 hours... allowing me to catch up on email, blogs, client contacts for upcoming sessions, paying bills etc...
  • The fruit that was on sale at Meijers today... a pint of blueberries for $2 YAY! Strawberries and Bing Cherries were also on sale!
  • Porter... because he just cracked me up so bad. He brought Ry's cell phone to me.
    • P: "Whats dis?"
    • ME: "Daddy's phone"
    • P: "I love it. I love dis. I love dis trone." "Mama... what's dis?"
    • ME: "Daddy's charger"
    • P: "You want dis? You want dis hook in thing?" HAHAHAHA!
  • My husband.. because he's put up with my crazy postpartum moods and crying lately and has let me cry on his shoulder when I felt like my world was crumbling
  • Our inspections on our "hopefully soon our home" went well
  • We have an awesome family who are willing to put up with us crashing in on their homes until we close on our house
  • My great friends who have put themselves up for volunteer to help with decorating projects when we move
  • Hudson was born happy and healthy and I have two beautiful boys to be very thankful for.
  • I'm going to Applebees for a long-awaited Mucho Margarita tonight with some great girlfriends

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  1. glad to hear that the inspection went well. i hope you guys had fun tonight! let me know if you need help moving!