Friday, July 25, 2008

The post you've all been waiting for....

So, what was my big Ikea purchase, you ask?

Well... first off, let me say- I surely know who hangs on my every boring word and who skims my rambling, drawon out posts HAHAA! A few of you guessed dining room table, but I wrote a few posts back about buying a table and chair set. Tsk Tsk Tsk! LOL! And, shame on those of you who called me on the phone to ask. That's no fun! I should have made you wait. ;)

No one guessed right. I bought a bed. Our first "real" bed... with headboard and footboard. We always just used a bedframe and it was so... blah looking. I love our new bed!

We did our own little "while you were out" day. Heather helped me paint the room and Ryan Morrison put up the curtain rod and put together the bed. My Ryan was surprised when he got home, and he really liked it! There are still quite a bit of things to finish up in the room (need something above our bed... any ideas? and I need to paint the trim and touch up some paint spots) but for now it looks so much better!

Here is the "before and after" pictures of the room:


  1. Nicole, it looks amazing! I can't believe how much you guys have done in such a short time although it doesn't seem short to you guys waiting to close. We've been here for 13 years (wow that just freaked me out typing that) and I've done 1 room and half a bathroom, yes half. I love your style, colours everything. If you ever come to Canada I want to hire you to take my family's picture and redo my house. I'm so excited for you, it looks incredible, oh and love the bed!!!

  2. I really like the bed put together with your bedspread! As far as ideas for the wall, probably something on the light side, since the wall is dark.. Yeah thats all i got for ya. LOL! Im not that creative when it comes to that, but ill keep my eye open. Just was thinking that something dark like rod iron, would match your bed, but needs to be light to contrast against the darker wall. kwim?

  3. West Elm makes this cool iron leaf wall hanging thingy that I think would look good.

  4. I just ADORE all the colors and things you have done to the place. And honestly, I really like the foyer that color with the's a mod vintage type feel...very nice.

  5. The changes you've made in your house are amazing. It looks great! I love the paint colors you chose and the house looks like it has a lot of character. Where did you purchase your bed at? I need one and yours is exactly what I've been looking for.

  6. that looks beautiful. very nice.