Thursday, July 31, 2008

TFT: Scrub a dub dub, it's mom in the tub

Last week Heather and I were chatting about cleaning... specifically the frequency you clean certain things in your house. Like changing bedsheets. Or mopping floors. Or cleaning the bathtub.

We both admitted that we rarely wash the bathtub, even though kids take baths numerous times a week. But if we (moms, that is) were to take a bath ourselves, we'd clean it before hopping in a relaxing bath.

Does anyone else do this... rarely clean the tub unless it is you yourself hopping in? Is that terrible of us?

And... while we're on this topic...

How often do you:
  • Wash your bathtub/shower
  • Change your bedsheets
  • Sweep/vacuum your floors
  • Dust
  • Mop your kitchen/dining room floor
  • Clean your windows

You'll probably be disgusted by some of my answers... so I'll wait to post later.

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  1. A. Yeah...I'll admit that I am horrible at washing the tub...we are shower people and who cares if your feet touch the scum!
    B. You are supposed to change your sheets, lol?
    C. Bob Vaccums often...good man!
    D. What is Dust?
    E. I dont think I even own a Mop!
    F. Arent windows supposed to be cloudy, lol?

  2. Totally with you on the whole tub thing..
    -I try not to remind my self about the sheet thing either..
    -Vaccum at least 2 a week and swiffer vac the floor at LEAST 2x a day.. sticky toddler feet mixed with dog hair= not pretty
    -we wont talk about the last time I dusted.. my theory: If you cant see the dust why dust?
    -I try to wash the floors......once or twice a month.. that is horrible.
    -I wash the windows whenever I cant see clear out of them or when there is a huge sticky handprint.

    Wow I think I am going to deep clean my house now....

  3. I used to clean religiously...well everything but the windows. When I had Renee and went back to work, part of the bargain I had with my husband was that we were hiring a cleaning lady if I had to work full-time. So she comes twice a week and does all of that, scrubs the tub, changes all of the sheets, dusts, vacuums, etc. It is heaven! A total luxury, I know, but I am a neat freak and I could never relax at home otherwise.

    The windows getting washed? That's another story.

  4. I meant to say twice a month! Duh.

  5. I don't like washing the tub. I do it about every 3 or 4 weeks. Ick!

    I change our sheets every Saturday.

    I vaccum about three times a week and that won't change until we don't have a dog any longer. I hate dog hair!

    I dust about twice a week because I think our house gets dusty fast.

    I mop our kitchen about once a week because you can see every spot on the ugly floor we have.

    Windows? Not so much.

    You have to remember, I have issues!!! I wish I didn't. Believe me.

  6. Okay, you know my answers are just as scary as yours... if not more:

    I really only wash the tubs when I can see it's gross. Or like we said, when I want to take a bath. Often I want to take a bath and I'm still too lazy to clean it, so I skip it. But yet I let my kids bathe in it every day. There's just something about it... like it's "their" tub and while they take their baths to get the dirt off (which all goes down the drain, right? ;) ), and it's their own germs they're floating around with, I want to take a bath to relax and not think about what's floating around in my water. Ugh. I know that doesn't make sense. I'm weird.

    I was doing good for awhile with changing our sheets every week. Or two. Normally, sadly, it's kind of like the tub. When I notice they're looking yucky, I guess it's time to wash them.

    Vacuuming I do 1-2 a week. I probably only sweep the kitchen a few times a week. I mop rarely, like when I start sticking to it.

    I try to dust once a week.
    I do clean my windows often because we have great big ones, along with a glass storm door and sliding doors, that all face east and west so we get lots of direct sunlight in them and I can see fingerprints all the time!

    I'm off to clean my toilets and mop my floor now... we have people coming this weekend!

  7. - we clean our shower NOT OFTEN enough. max is the only one that uses the bathtub, and i pretty much never clean it. it's not like he gets that dirty. yet. :)

    - i TRY to do the following once per week (but it doesn't always happen): change the sheets, vacuum, dust, mop. sheets and vacuuming, i'm pretty good with. dusting is lower priority but goes okay too. i don't think i've mopped though in QUITE some time. we may be into the counting by months range there. ew.

    - windows... it seems to work out to be spring and fall. :)

  8. At the end of his bath, I like to give Eliot a sponge and "let him" wipe down the sides. The water's draining so the gunk goes with it. It's probably a gross solution, but then I don't have to scrub as hard when I officially wash the tub!

  9. Ideally I would like to do all of this weekly but we all know that won't happen. I do actually clean the tub after each bath, I rinse it out and spray clorox anywhere spray but that's because both my girls have kidney reflux and a UTI can damage their kidneys. I just can't take that chance.

    I usually vacuum every other day nowadays, my dog is shedding like crazy and Bianca likes to throw food on the floor.

    Brian washes our sheets weekly, if it were me, that would never get done!

    I try to dust once a week, but that doesn't always happen.

    I maybe mop once a month, or when we are having a party or something!

    My windows are always nasty from dog slobber, so what's the point?

    I need a maid, for real. When I was on bedrest, she was a god-send. I loved her. I wish I could afford her more often!

  10. YAY! I'm glad you're doing TFT again! If you have time to check out my TFT, it's about motivation...or lack there of! LOL!!

    We clean our tub maybe every few days, only because we have a very old tub! If it was newer, we could probably get away with cleaning it less often.

    Sheets - every Sunday

    Vaccum and - this is my weakness. I am too embarrassed to even say! LOL!

    Mop - Please see above!

    Windows - honestly? Maybe twice a year. Should do it more often, I'm sure

  11. Aaaahhh, my answers are not 'normal' since we have our house in the market. You know the deal, trying to be ready for the last minute client.

    a. wipe the tub once a week or sooner if i see the dirt ring. the shower, i never tub, is only 1x per month. eeewwww.... i know!

    b.sheets, every-other-week

    c. vaccum 2x/week

    d. dusting every-other-week

    e. wash floors every-other-week, but dust hardwoods 3x/week.

    f. my windows look like crap. wash as needed. kids just can't keep their hands off them! ugh..

  12. HaHa! After reading through a lot of these answers I feel like I am really Abnormal!

    a. I clean the tub & shower once a week.

    b. I change our sheets every single week. I love fresh clean sheets.

    c. I vacuum once a week in our apartment but in our house I would at least 2 to 3 times a week.

    d. I dust once a week

    e. I mop our floors once a week and then again if I know we are having company.

    f. I wash our windows once a month.

  13. Denise & Leslie - I will hire both of you to come to my house! LOL!

    a. I don't clean our tubs very often. Gavin doesn't get that dirty yet, but I know that time is just around the corner where I'll have to step it up.

    b. I change our sheets every 2 weeks. Sometimes 3, depending on how they look. Bad, I know.

    c. I vacuum once a week or more. Just depends.

    d., not often enough! Probably every two weeks.

    e. I swiffer once a week or so with a wet jet swiffer.

    f. Windows - um...never!

    Tub....usually once a week although we've been so busy lately that my tub is currently disgusting!
    Sheets....once a week!
    Vacuum....1-2 times a week, usually.
    Dust....I hate dusting! I try weekely but it's the last thing I'll do and usually gets put off. needed. I'm terrible at it.
    Windows....the ones in my family room get washed a lot. The rest of them, not the often!
    This makes me want to go home and clean!

  15. I don't know if I want to answer this...LOL!

    Washing the tub...when it LOOKS dirty.

    Changing sheets...when they LOOK dirty.

    Vacuum...when they LOOK like they need it. About twice a week.

    Dust...never. :) Unless it is a visible spot...when it LOOKS dirty.

    Mop...Spot clean when there is a spot and mop as little as possible. Maybe once a month. 1000 sq ft of wood floors is a P.I.T.A.

    Windows...when they are visibly, hand printed and dirty!

    I am a slacker! Having 4 kids...I kinda let the house go until it is trashed and then deep clean and start new each month. If I am not depressed and stressed...I am a good cleaner! Once a week and such! But for about the last motivation=I do what I can to get by.

    Here's hoping for less stress and no more depression after August is over!

  16. Before I had kids I did everything once a week. Now I let things go A LOT longer. I finally did my kitchen floor this week..........I think the last time I did it was 4 weeks ago......YUCK>

  17. I'm not as obsessive-compulsive as I used to be about cleaning.
    a. I wash the tubs and showers about once a month (I like Katie's idea about the kids scrubbing with a sponge so that the cleaning is easier later on)
    b. Sheets - once a week
    c. Vacuum 1-2 times a week (I used to do it every other day - before Lucy was born)
    d. Dust - I dust everything once a week and then if something looks really dusty, I do it again
    e. Mop - atleast once a week (when the girls were crawling, I mopped every couple of days)
    f. Windows - ummmm, almost never. I do the doors about once a week. Otherwise, I only do a window if it desperately needs it. My mom sometimes does my windows when she is here. At our other house, I did windows every week.

  18. wash the tub/shower/toilet: 1x week. i hate seeing dirt/hair/grime. i just usually clean the whole bathroom 1x week.

    change bedsheets: um, like i'll wash them all 1x month (or two). i'm horrible with changing the sheets. if they are dirty, then i'll do it. i need to get better about this!

    vacuum: 4x week - anytime i see something on the floor, i seriously will vacuum it (but i got a new dyson so maybe that's why! ha!) mopping: 1x week - hardwoods maybe 1x month though.

    clean windows: 1x week - tucker can touch half of them so i have fingerprints all over. plus we have the big patio doors that let a lot of light in and you can always see if they are dirty. eh.

  19. Shoot that reminds me I have to change my sheets. The tub, if we have company staying overnight, isn't that what the shower curtain is for? I vacuum a lot because we have a dog that will not stop shedding. Windows when the girl's hand and mouth prints make it impossible to see out.

  20. How often do you:
    I wash the bathtub/shower about once a week, but we do use that spray and leave cleaning stuff everyday.

    I change our bedsheets at least every week, but it could go to two weeks pretty easily!

    I sweep the kitchen floor everyday...seriously with Jack's hair it is disgusting, like a small dog is living there with all the hair every time. Mike vacuums the carpet every 3 days or so because of Jack's hair too. It's so gross!

    I hate dusting...I only do it once I see that's it has gotten pretty bad, probably once or twice a month

    I mop your kitchen floor at least once a week.

    I clean windows about once a month if I remember.... ha!

    I really just want to hire a cleaning person...that would be money well spent!

  21. A. Wash your bathtub/shower??
    Every time I'm IN the shower...saves me time. ;)

    B. Change your bedsheets??
    Every 2wks. (Since I sleep in the bed alone and only on one side...I could probably make it 3 or 4wks, but I don't.)

    C. Sweep/vacuum your floors??
    Every day.

    D. Dust??
    Not very often...not too much of a need to really.

    E. Mop your kitchen/dining room floor??
    Once a week at least.

    F. Clean your windows??
    Hardly ever...or when I happen to be cleaning the tv screens, monitors and bathroom mirror. Then I just do everything at once.

  22. OMG this could get quite embarassing!
    *I wash the sink and toliet probably 1x every 3 weeks.
    *I wash the tub every 1.5 months! Ewww!
    *I wash sheets probably only 1x month .
    *Vaccum and sweep 1x a week.
    *Mop 1x a month.
    *Dust? Whats that again? Yeah probably every 3-4 months!! HAH! I don't really see a dust problem in our house though. I would do it more often if it were noticeable.
    *Windows get washed when they need them. Which is usually 1x month.
    Of course all these are getting done much more frequent now, since having the house up on the market.

  23. I feel bad saying this but I never do any of that because Brent is a clean freak and does it all. He cleans everyday.