Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Add me to the Fail Blog, I guess

I was doing so great on WW. For a day.

Yesterday I did pretty well, I didn't "strictly" count points, but I still remember most of the point system from when I counted points after having Porter, so I kind of mentally tallied my intake.

Today, I started out ok. I declined the yummy 4 points per 1/2 cup batter pancakes that Porter suckered me into making for him for breakfast, although I did munch popcorn and a slushy at Target at lunchtime. I had a slice of pizza for lunch (not healthy, but was I think 7 points?). I ate a banana for a snack this afternoon, chugged some water and for dinner ate 1cup spaghetti with sauce and a thin slice of garlic bread. No problem... I should be within my point limit, right? I figured I'd munch a few strawberries this evening for a fruity snack.

Enter Diet Crasher.

Ryan brought home a "surprise" for me. Left a bag of Peanut Butter M&M's on my desk. Sweet, don't you think.... except I.Started.Weight.Watchers.YESTERDAY. Grr.

I was going to pass them up. I did. For a few hours. Then I started crashing... I was tired. Exhausted. I wanted to go to bed but it was only 9pm and I had a to-do list to tackle.

Enter: Caffeine and Chocolate.

I poured a glass of Diet Coke and busted open that bag of M&M's. Adios willpower.

Since we're camping this weekend (Thurs-Sun) I know I'll be eating smores and hot dogs and crap all weekend... so I'm going to just try to eat within reason this week, and next Monday buckle down. This will be my "ease into dieting" week... right? HAHA!


  1. Hang in there. I too am on WW and know how hard losing the baby weight is. My baby is 3 1/2 and I still have 15 pounds to go. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  2. Keep it going. I'm gonna watch more of what I eat. I know that i eat the wrong things and dont excercise and now its showing me where its getting me. Its just not fair for us to have to put down the sweets AND stay in shape. Maybe once we get running again, we can snack a few here and there, but for now, im cutting out all sweets until i lose 5 lbs.!!!

  3. Have fun this weekend & put away tons of H20 & get back on the wagon on Monday!
    I agree w/ Leeann that once you start running you will see the results & the snacks won't count as much! I know it has helped me.

  4. Hehe, You sound just like me over here...I'll start SERIOUSLY tomorrow or next week or after such and such. Good intentions suffice for now!

    If only that worked as well as actually dieting. Ugh.
    I'm still halfway tempted by that Race to the Waist contest. I need some motivation. Ryan said if I give him $28 and set myself a goal for those 12 weeks and can do it he'll give me $280. He says, come on- that's guaranteed money if you meet your goal instead of it being hinged on yours + others' results. I say, yeah, but I'm not really losing anything that way... it's just OUR money. And sure I'd be winning a little shopping spree, but it's still OUR money. Not as much fun, ya know??

    I just need a hard core nazi trainer/dietitian to follow me around for the next 12 weeks. I'm so horrible at self motivation when it comes to this stuff...

  5. I'm not sure how my husband does it but he sniffs out whenever I'm "committing" to a diet and surprises me with a treat...I only get treats at these times. I say enjoy the camping and hop back on the WW train after a fun weekend.