Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blogging and Scrapbooking: Relive your life through your words and pictures

Whenever I look back through my scrapbooks, whether it be pre-kids or from when Porter was a baby, I always thank God that I picked up this hobby. This art. This life record keeper. I feel the same way about blogging- as it really is just a quick-spur-of-the-moment-sans-creativity scrapbook. I absolutely love to read back on my life before Porter was born, and to read back on things that Porter did/said months and years ago. I love the art that goes along with scrapbooking- how you can make your picture and story come to life. I love that I am "publishing" these stories and events and pictures and moments and memories forever and ever. For me. For them. For my grandchildren and great great grandchildren.

After my children and husband, my scrapbooks and pictures are my absolute most valued items I have. I would be devastated if I lost either of them. Michelle Sauer just lost everything on their harddrive- including the last 3 years of pictures. I emailed her and she said "I've never been more thankful that I scrap and blog!" Because, although its sickening to think that all those moments are gone, at least she has a bulk of those memories in her scrapbooks and on her blog.

I always try to get new people to blog and scrapbook- and I often get the response "But I don't have anything to write about" or "But I'm not creative... I don't have anything good to scrap." Aww, baloney! You have your LIFE, is what I think. Your scrapbook, your blog, doesn't have to be super creative or super funny or super anything. Its your journal. Your story. Your life. A record of all that. And I know many people who have begun scrapping or blogging (Les!) and they now, months and months later, say that they are so thankful they did.

I guess there's no real reason for this post- I just was thinking today how much I treasure my scrapbooks and my blogs and that I'm so thankful to have those memories crisp and vivid and written down and documented. I guess maybe if this post convinces just one person to blog/journal/scrapbook it'll have a purpose, right?


  1. I wish I could get back into scrapping like I did when I was younger, but it's so expensive now that my Mom isn't buying the supplies :)

  2. Absolutely!! They are both very important to me too. I feel terrible for Michelle,this is another reminder to everyone else to back everything up in at least one other place!!! I am glad I have a million pictures of Michelle's kids so she will still have some

  3. i completely agree... i don't scrap, but i LOVE that i have everything blogged (and can make it into a book - this is a good reminder that i actually need to DO that).

    i back up my pictures to another hard drive almost every time i upload them... and then every so often i also put them on two DVDs, one stays home and one i bring to work with me to throw in my desk. i'm kind of anal about it... but like you said, i'd be devastated if i lost them.

  4. Couldn't agree with you more! I was one of those "I have nothing to write about" people. Now that I have a son, I'm glad to have a blog and scrapbooking to record the everyday stuff that I am sure I would eventually forget.
    BTW, LOVE your haircut!! Very flattering!

  5. I totally agree! My scrapbooks are so valuable to me. They are sometimes a pain in the ass to keep up with, but when I look back on them I am so happy that I took the time to preserve my memories!:)

  6. Have a back-up plan!! Very, very important. Maybe a good post for your "Life is her Canvas" Blog?

    I just bought a 750 GB external hardrive to back-up my pics and video. I sleep MUCH better at night :)

  7. Yep, I am the dumbass that didn't back anything up :) LOL. I guess I am over it, not much I can do, but yes, thank god for keeping my memories on my blog and scrapbook. Without those things, I think I would have fallen into a deep depression! Ok, gotta run and enjoy beautiful Vail! This should be a lesson learned for everyone, not just me!