Saturday, August 2, 2008

Diaper Diversity

I pooped.

6 hours ago.

Its really not that bad... Its only a 5lb load and its scalding my skin and it happens to be a bit squishy. But, really, no... don't change me. I'm cool with it. I'll deny there's anything in there until you force me to be changed.


I am pooping Right. Now. and there is no way I am drinking one more sip of this bottle until my diaper is clean and dry. Seriously... you can leave this nipple in my mouth as long as you want but I refuse to swallow until I'm changed. Leave it there and let my formula dribble down my chin onto my shirt and you'll be changing my clothes as well.


  1. Oh yes, the denial pooper. I have one here too, only she is going on two. Anna did you poop? (Anna) "No". Then I check she says "no poopy." I proceed to carry her to change her where she fights because if she has to be changed she like to do it herself.

  2. Hey maybe Hudson will be an easy potty trainer one day! Sounds like they are gonna be complete opposites and continue to be The Good Son.. LOL!

  3. OMG Callie is the same as Hudson, the minute the poop touches the diaper she wants to be changed. And god forbid she craps herself in the car, she will crab the entire ride until she is changed.

    Thankfully all I have to do with Morgan is find what bathroom he's in when I hear him yelling he needs his butt wiped LOL

  4. Yeah, I remember when Sawyer was like Hudson...
    Now he's completely and totally on the Porter side. He'd be fine (and tells us he would prefer it) sitting in that crap ALL DAY LONG if we let him.