Monday, August 25, 2008

I envy moms with nannies.

I'd totally have one if I could afford it.

My day is useless. I wake up... change diapers. feed kids. do laundry (which we're still hanging out on the line since our dryer is STILL broken from the move). clean up after kids. wash bottles. feed kids. attempt to clean the house. I'm lucky that I even get a second to put deodorant on.

Its 2:15. I've spent the past 2 hours dicking around with both kids attempting to get them to sleep. Hudson goes to sleep and Porter is dicking around in his room. He has to pee. He has to poop. Remind you- we have no bathroom upstairs so THREE times I've had to take him downstairs to the bathroom. Then Hudson wakes up and wants to eat and now he's fussing in his room because frankly I just don't want to look at him. And Porter is STILL in his room and not asleep. Yes, we've started the bedtime discipline.... if he gets up once he gets the gate on his door (which he hates). Twice... I take away blue blanky. Third time I take away Rocky. Well... Rocky and blue blanky sit here next to me. He's stayed in bed since... but still not asleep.

I have a zillion things I want to get done as far as scrapbooking/clients/pictures go... but have I had ONE peaceful minute this afternoon? Nope. Not even a peaceful 45 seconds.

Yes, I'd be totally selfish and pay for a nanny if I could afford it. And I'd cherish every damn peaceful minute I paid for.


  1. I SO hear you. And I only have one kid! I can't even imagine the absence of peace and quiet, alone time, and "getting things done" time that comes with two (or more) kids! I feel guilty a lot for wanting a break, or for wishing I could hire someone for chunks of time to watch Ryan. And then I feel even MORE guilty for wanting a break because I CHOSE to be a SAHM right now. Is there relief in sight for you-- are you going back to teaching this fall?

  2. I hear ya. Luckily, for the most part, my kids all take naps at the same time. Some days it's a production doing so, but I've worked very hard from day one with Bianca and now Bennett to get them all to sleep at the same time.

    In my mind, we all deserve a break. This so called break should not include cleaning or laundry or anything that requires work. We should use it as downtime to do something we like, sleep, read, etc. Just let Hudson chill for a bit, he can handle it and as far as Porter, he can stay in bed for a while. He needs at least an hour of quiet. They do it at every daycare center, why should it be different at home, right?

    Just know, I understand! It's hard and like I said last week, we all have breaking points!

  3. I love this post Nicole! LOVE IT! I give stay at home moms ALL the credit in the world! It's a job I don't think I could ever do.... and the days I think I can.... it takes me only a short time to remember why I work! I joke a bit of course.... I love my kids... but being a mom is HARD!!!!!!

    Give yourself a break when you can..... make yourself do it.... you deserve it!!!!!!!

  4. Ditto. On every single thing you said. I did manage to put deodorant on this morning....well at least on one side.

  5. hahaha... you need to break out your wooden spoon girl!! :)

    i was pulling my hair out earlier too. now i think my son might be awake in his crib, but i'm not going to check. when he's ready, he'll yell for me:) hahaha....

    yeah, i'd be okay with a nanny too. i'd still do the mom stuff. and then when i needed a break, i'd just take a break. when i needed groceries, i'd send the nanny to wal mart while the kids were napping. hahaha...

    it's hard but rewarding work. you're doing a great job.

  6. I can absolutely relate!! Somedays I feel like I never get out of the house because there is always something to, laundry, worn out from getting everyone's easy to think that you're the only one who goes through that, so thanks for posting your feelings today.
    It is tough being at home some days, and I hate when others don't understand it or think we just get to sit around all day!
    Here's to hoping you find some quiet time for you today!!

  7. Oh yeah.... You gotta love those mornings that consist of nothing other than dealing with the wee little ones....literally nothing else gets done.

    It's scary when everyone else in the teacher inservice today was complaining about sitting in an auditorium for four hours listening to speakers, but I thoroughly enjoyed listening to an adult speak for once...LOL!!

  8. Hope you get some peace soon! I love the honesty though...I am sure I will be right there with you in a few weeks when my little one gets here. And she is only ONE!

    One second I can't wait for her to be here and to not be pregnant anymore. The next second I realize that right now I probably have more time to myself than I ever will for the rest of my life!

    Hope you found at least 5 minutes of peace today!

  9. I so hear you and agree. I took last year off after the birth of my second baby. I am now returning to teaching part-time after a year of being in diaperland...seriously, my kids are sixteen months apart so I have two in diapers still. There is hope. I too remember not so fondly those days of neither child napping. No naps lead to insanity if you ask me, moms need a break. I think it gets easier after the second one is older. I would say around six months it gets a lot easier and at a year even easier. Now at least I feel my kids are both going in the same direction. Be encouraged, I don't know you, but you seem like you are an incredible mom. I just keep telling myself, "This too shall pass," but it is hard in the heat of the moment to remember and believe that. Be good to yourself and give yourself a break. I wish I did that more for myself. I think we are often too hard on ourselves as women and moms. Good luck on the job thing too. I hope you will find a teaching position that is a great fit. I love teaching and although it doesn't really pay much for me to return part-time with two kids in daycare I am doing it anyway because it is a part of who I am. Best of luck.