Sunday, August 3, 2008

On dad's clock

Friday was Ryan's night of baby duty. I'd been getting up for Hudson's feedings so that Ryan could sleep since he gets up at 5am for work. Porter hasn't been sleeping very well and has been up a couple times at night to come into our bed. Hudson's had a decent sleep schedule... he's been sleeping 8-3 and then getting a 5oz bottle and then sleeping until 7 or 8am.

Well, Friday night Hudson at at 6pm and slept until about 9 and then Ryan picked him up at his parents (he went shopping for stuff to remodel the upstairs bathroom) and Hudson slept on the way home and spazzed for a bit once they got home. Ryan tried feeding him a bottle but he didn't eat anything.

Saturday morning, Ryan woke up at 6am and woke me up. "Did Hudson eat last night?!" I hadn't woke up with him. Ry ran in to check on him and sure enough, he's sleeping content as could be. Of COURSE he would sleep a 12 hour stretch on Ryan's clock. Grrr!

Last night Ry got up with him as well, and he was up at his normal 3am and I got up with him for the day at 7:30am. It decent, I can handle it, but WHY couldn't he have slept a full night like that when *I* was the one on the clock to get up with him?


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