Saturday, August 30, 2008

Outta here update

Scrapping last night at Archivers- great time! I finished 7 pages. Wish I could keep up at home.

Planning a scrap weekend for the 12th with Leslie at my house. The hubs will be out of town so she and Reyna might come stay with us for the weekend and we'll attempt to scrap every child-free second we have.

Having a garage sale next weekend. Also going to attempt to run a 5k with LeeAnn. Wish me luck.

Packing and getting ready to go out of town tonight to camp with Ry's parents. We're going to hit up the outlet mall nearby there for some new work clothes for both Ryan and I.

See ya!


  1. Hope you have fun tonight and find some good buys at the outlets!! :)

  2. Are you running the Allegiance race this Saturday?

  3. Scrapping at Archivers I am so jealous. I would kill for some Archivers time.